Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Spring break of our second year at HBS was spent differently than the first. Beau went on a trip with some section mates to Ecuador so I took the kids to Utah by myself. Right before the trip however- my morning sickenss kicked in in full force. We found out we were pregnant towards the end of february and so March kind of felt like a wash. This made of a very low key spring break with lots of junk food and snuggle time with my kids. I hardly did any venturing out but had fun seeing some family and getting help with my kids.

Using my phone to see if his eyes are closed or not

 So excited to be at meemahs

Bach watching with sister

Attempting story time at the library was of course a zoo!

Somehow he ended up in my bed every night! 

We met the Boyles at the museum of natural curiosity for some fun one day

Flying home

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