Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 2016

It's hard to make february fun when you live in the north east but we managed to get through our 4th winter! The weather was much more mild than last winter and I kind of like how colder weather forces you to be creative and proactive! 

Felt like heaven

Tennyson loves wearing bow ties

FHE fun

A freezing wagon ride and throwing ice chunks- winter activities at their finest.

Beau was out of town over actual valentines day so the boys and I ventured up to New Hampshire to spend time with the Pyfers. It was FREEZING that weekend so we could hardly go outside but we did attempt to ice skate on a lake but it was too dang cold so we aborted and went to the Childrens museum which the boys loved.

"Gal" entines day girls night at my place!

When Beau got back from his trip he came with flowers and bagels and lots of love to shower on all of us.

Courtney Archibald and Alana Yates threw a fun last minute valentines exchange for the kids and they loved it. Those girls and their creative juices continue to impress me. It was a darling party!

The day of the party was another snow storm and it was fun playing in afterwards.

The annual tradition of going to the fire station next to harvard yard as a CP group continued this year. It was lots of fun and the boys were loving every minute! They even got a call at the very end and we got to watch them leave.

 Nightly prayers with daddy. This is one precious moment each day that Beau and I both treasure. I'm hoping when he starts work in the fall it will incentivize him to come home earlier ;)

After going to the Harvard art museum this little artist wanted to create some paintings of his own!