Monday, January 25, 2016

Boston Christmas 2015

I am torn every year on the Christmas season being too busy and trying to soak up every opportunity we have to make memories and have fun. This hear was busy busy busy. Like most other things, it being our last year, I didn't want to miss one thing and even included some new items to my list of Christmas to see, or do. Here is a recap of our fun in Boston.

Deans house tree lighting and all of the Dads singing carols with the kids. So cute!

The day after thanksgiving we went to New Hampshire to a tree farm and picked out our  Christmas tree. We made a night out of it with hot chocolate, roasted marshmallows and had a tractor ride around the farm.

First time being Daddy's home teaching companion

Finally got to the Christian science center Mapparium. So beautiful!

Wreath making fun

Symphony hall with my hot date

Welcoming the Common Christmas tree from Nova Scotia is one of the many things Boston does that makes me obsessed with this place.

Jr. Holidazzle Santa had me crushing this year!

Enchanted Village at Jordans with our Boston 1st peeps

A last minute trip to NYC was so much fun. Jane and Brady were so gracious in hosting us and I fulfilled my dream of seeing the city at Christmas time. 

 Mary and I made the drive out to Old Sturbridge Village for their Christmas celebrations. It was so much fun. They had the cutest Santa I've ever encountered and we entered each house with a gasp and would look at each other like "is this place for real?" it just kept getting better and better with each cottage. I felt like we had stepped into a Christmas Carol

Christmas Pajama party with Friends

Longfellows wayside inn for a Christmas dinner with friends

 A tour of Longfellow House all decorated for Christmas with Mary. 

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving this year was action packed just like Halloween. We are soaking up our "lasts" on the east coast and taking a "sieze the day" approach to most things. So far it's worked out well.

A month or two earlier the Sedgwicks talked about wanting to come up to Boston for Thanksgiving which worked perfectly since we were planning on sticking around. We arranged who would make what for dinner and met them the day before down in Plymouth. We did the usual things in town and walked around Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower replica. Afterwards we went to the Plantation and wandered around. It ended up being a really fun day with the Sedgwicks. They stayed down at the plantation to have an authentic dinner and we headed back to Boston.

The next day was thankgiving and we spent the whole day cooking! Just what I love. We had the missionaries over and had quite the feast. Jessica made the best turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes and stuffing. I covered the rolls, sweet potatoes, salad and green beans.  That evening we went down to fanueil hall to see the Christmas lights and do some shopping. We loved spending time with our cousins and showing them around our hometown.