Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our Palo Alto summer so far

Our move out to Palo Alto for the summer was quick and easy. We were blessed with a great set up from some friends and literally have a playground and fenced in grass right out our back porch. Other than both of the boys getting sick the first week, we have tried to hit the ground running with things to do and see in the area. 

It has been hot hot hot! What's this they say about bay area weather?? It is in the 80-90's almost every day and our unit does not have AC! This means lots of pool time which is fine with me. I have gotten good at lathering on the sunscreen for me and my pale pale babies. 

From one of my first runs in the area. Stanford campus is beautiful and so different from Harvard!

We went and saw the horses at the Stanford barn. It is so beautiful!

A day in Napa: 
We left in the morning to make the 1.5 hour drive up to  Napa Valley. We met up with some of section J at a winery and we loved seeing some familiar faces. Having taken a trip there just a few years ago we weren't chomping at the bit to do a ton or touring so it was just nice hanging and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Notice I didn't say weather. It was scorching! It felt too hot to do anything outside but sit. So we got some yummy bbq food and sat a shaded picnic table to munch on our spoils. 

Aziz, Monika, Ravi

A day at the beach:
Our second weekend here we took a day trip down to the Santa Cruz area. While we didn't make it over to the actual town of Santa Cruz we got a great beach day in and enjoyed playing in the sand, throwing the frisbee and playing 4 square with paddle balls. 

A day in the city:
Since we got to the area I have been itching to get up to the city. (and then I get there and remember that it is always so stinkin cold) But our first weekend we decided to head up in the morning and hea dto a few different areas. We started at the Ferry building farmers market. Something we had done before and loved. So much yummy produce and goood food. After that we drove over to golden gate park and rowed around the lake. I really wanted to go to the tea gardens but it just wasn't worth the money to Beau. Next time :) Tennyson loved rowing around the lake and Beau and I sang "kiss the girl" the whole time. Tennyson seemed to continually exclaim "what do happen mom? " it's one of my favorite phrases he has right now. Everytime he corrects a word or phrase that he has said wrong for a while I try to get him to revert back to the old version because I love it so much. Sometimes it works. Like how he calles watermelon water-monin. Or in stead of hold me he says hold you. 

Anyways we finished off the day at Ikes sandwhiches at dolores park which was a mad house! I love big cities but San Fransisco seems to have a unique flavor all it's own. Oh and Ikes was so so yummy!

Christian has entered the cutest stage and is learning things left and right. Included in this is how much he loves and looks up to Tennyson. He copies everything he does and is always anxious for attention from him. Most of the time he gets it in very physical ways but usually he's a good sport. 

Because of the crazy heat we have been spending a lot of time at the Rinconada pool. It's not that great of a toddler pool but it's nice because it's so close. Tennyson gets more and more comfortable swimming on his own every time we go which is nice. Oh swim lessons....one day I will make you work with our schedule.

Post swimming passout

Berry picking here is pretty different than out east. Still fun but it made me miss getting in all of the u pick varieties that New England offers every summer.

Farmers market sspoils

 We spent some time at the zoo our first week here and I was thoroughly impressed. It made me miss our safari in South Africa we did this last winter. Tennyson's favorite animals were..... all of the zoo equipment and tractors scattered throughout the park. This included the train that wasn't working. He probably asked about the choo choo 100 times and that it was broken.

Monday, June 29, 2015

HBS fall semester

We started a new chapter of our lives at Harvard Business school last september and it's about time I updated our family journal.

It was a whirlwind of a time with Christian finally arriving home after 4+ months in the hospital and the craziness of starting business school all at the same time. Then add on adjusting to taking care of two children full time. I had never felt more out of my mind in my whole life. I was missing appointments, mixing up the day of the week, constantly cleaning up massive amounts of spit up and dealing with a toddler. On the other hand, I was making a ton of new friends and immersed in such a fun and vibrant culture and life. It felt like everyone had a spring in their step.

Finally leaving the hospital 

Our first Harvard football game

The first Crimson Parents activity I went to. riding the swan boars in the Public Garden.
Christy and Emma Wulz, Christina and Emi Kantt

A visit from our besties the Pyfers. Christian and Charlotte were happy to get to know each other.

Beaus first day of school

I just had to document what it was like to change Christians ostomy bag. Part of the battle every day was his routine. We would get up, change the cotton balls, give him his medication through his G tube and then hook him up to his pump to give him his prescription formula. When he was able to take more and more by mouth he would get it all down and then spit up half of it. I seriously always smelled like french fries and he did too. His formula was an amino acid based soy forumla that was ver broken down and easy for him to digest. Gettin the right rate of input was key so that he didn't dump it all out of his stoma. It was a constant cause of stress and anxiety because if he dumped he was at risk of electrolyte imbalance (which happened once or twice). Not to mention changing his bag. Getting that right took a lot of time but we finally figured out the right routine and I was able to do it as I was running out the door. 

A last minute trip to NYC/ the Hamptons with some of the Jewkes clan

We joined friends at a spooky hayride at Wilson farms at the beginning of October. Wilson farms in the fall is a dream come true. This was one of our first outings and I was so proud of us for getting out the door and not melting down by the end. Although Christian did hate his car seat for a very long time. He finally turned it around when I got a music mirror. Life saver. It was one of the first times we were able to see our Boston friends since we got out of the hospital.

I was a champion momma and drove 3 hours with both boys up to Lake Winnaukee to join him at his section J reunion. I was about to rip my hair out by the end but we made it. Tennyson loved running around the lake and getting to know all of the fun section mates. 

Being together during that fall semester was a dream come true. I felt the need to document everything because it was just so amazing to feel like a complete family again. Before that, every time we did something fun it felt just a little bit empty and not right.

Beau made a fabulous Cheerleader at his section presentation on America. Everyone was impressed by his ability to be a peppy teenage girl but I wasn't surprised . :) 

A fun and FREEZING tailgate at the Harvard- Yale game. I kind of wish we had gotten tickets to the game but I really don't know if we could have made it through the cold.

Spending time at the Greenway carousel

Harvards campus in the fall is obviously the most beautiful thing on the planet. We loved exploring through the leaves and chasing the bunnies.

I can't get enough of these brother moments.

The first HBS activity we attended- the 1920's dance party. We felt so young!

Kanes donuts with Meemah

LDSSA retreat near Woodstock Vermont. It was so much fun!

Christians baby blessing day was such a special one for me. It was a day I had dreamed of since he was born and was filled with so much gratitude that we all made it with our heads and hearts and guts in tact.

One of my favorite activites was having a french classmate over to teach me to make Chocolate molten cake. It was so so good and so much fun!

Jeremiahs seatmates 

Love this little man