Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Letters to my babes


You have entered the funnest stage the last few weeks. Your language skills have really boomed and you have become quite the chatter box. It only took you a few days to learn that if you really wanted something "can I have this please" was much more effective than "I want this!!" smart boy. You have also realized the power you posses being the older brother. You are quick to tell Christian to fold his arms during a prayer, push him in the right direction when he's running away and take away a toy but quickly follow up with "christian what happened? are you sad?" You still LOVE to sing primary songs. Your favorite at the moment is Child's Prayer and Whenever I hear the song of a bird (complete with sign language). I am still scared to potty train you but I feel like you are finally ready. We'll try that in a few months. You can't wait to be dusty crophopper for halloween and I can't wait to see you in your costume. You are still an amazing eater, sleeper, snuggler and pooper and I look forward to every morning when I get to see your sweet smile and ask you how your dreams were.


Baby boy- who is not so baby anymore. You are still a handful but for some reason I love that about you. I love your spunk, determination, vocal nature. You jump out of your crib every morning ready to go a million miles an hour. You say "woah!!" to every plane, truck, or pretty much anything that gets you excited. You are a bit melodramatic and I've learned to prioritize which cries I respond to. You still take quite a beating from your brother so you will always have points in my book for that. You are not such a great eater but it's ok we still love you. Your singing is my favorite thing you do right now and how you love to brush your teeth with us by singing the ariel song. I can't get enough of your "cheese" for taking pictures. I can already tell you will be more athletic then my genes with how fast you picked up running and pretty much any physical challenge. Right now it drives me crazy but I know one day I will miss you crawling all over me non stop. Your age has finally caught up with the family and things are becoming more of a competition with you and Tenny- pushing button elevators, who gets fed first, fighting over toys etc. It makes me wish I just had babies forever :) I know that your vocabulary will grow and grow but for now you are saying Mama, Dada, bye bye, cheese, hot, hello, baby.

love mama

Lake Winni 2015

We were lucky and got to spend a beautiful Labor Day weekend in New Hampshire at Lake Winnipesaukee with friends. It was 90 degrees every day and the water was beautiful. I had an 18 mile run to do on Saturday morning so I got up early and hammered it out on the hilly roads surrounding the lake. I was beat when I was done but couldn't resist jumping on the boat and getting a few runs of slalom skiing in. We tubed, swam, ate a lot, talked and had boat rides into Wolfeboro to get ice cream. On sunday we went to church and heard Bill Marriott give his testimony to this little branch. That was an unexpected treat. Other than an encounter with the lake police the trip was a success and such a blast to be a part of. 

Sunday night was beautiful and we couldn't resist jumping off the dock for a moonlit swim. It was the most amazing feeling to be floating in a lake in the dark and looking up at a beautiful sky full of stars. It felt like I was in a dream and I could have floated there for a long time. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Back to School!

If I'm being totally honest I was dreading coming back to school for the fall. The weight of everything that had to be done for Crimson Parents was weighing on my shoulders and I just kind of wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Isn't that what we feel like when we're being stretched? But, we did indeed come back and it has been an amazing year so far. It has been a privilege to serve the parent community at HBS and I have been so blessed by the people I've gotten to know through it.  

 Welcome Breakfast

Tennyson can't get enough of his easy access to construction  zones.

 Swan Boats Field Trip

We are happy to be back to where we can ride a bus for free anytime we want just to kill time! Fun right?

 Last minute trip to Walden with some great ladies!

 Our fall retreat was a smashing success thanks to the two ladies standing next to me. Anne is an incredible hostess and CP is so lucky to have her guiding hand and generous personality!

Training for a marathon this fall has not helped in the "limited time" department but the beautiful runs I've been on have made up for some of the stress it's caused. I love running in the fall around Boston. It's almost the perfect trifecta.

 LDSSA opening social

Beau went to the America vs Brazil soccer game with his section. USA got smoked!

Artesani with the ladies

Club fair! Again Anne has talents coming out of her ears and volunteered to do some face painting at the event! I love that little boy.

 Tennyson and Stephen

 We are so happy to be back to our familiar routes on campus. Who can beat HBS campus as your backyard?

 Music time is finally starting to click for this little one. He usually runs around the entire time and refuses to sing even though he knows many of the songs. Just the last few times he has engaged, sung and participated in all of the activities during singing class. It makes my mommy heart pitter patter!