Monday, July 13, 2015

Jewkes Reunion 2015

We came back from our Israel adventure and hit the ground running with the Jewkes clan. It was so fun to be reunited with so many cousins and see how loved Tennyson and Christian was by all of them. Especially Hayden. We went down to Fort Mchenry in Baltimore  this is where the star spangled banner was written. It was a great place for the kids to run around. 

The Sedgwicks property was enough to keep everyone entertained for a while. I didn't document the zipline but Dave and Jess had installed a pretty awesome zipline that we all got to try out. Jason gave tractor rides, there were bikes and scooters for the kids to zip around on and a basketball hoop that was in almost constant use.

slip n slide battles

Snuggling with Tennyson I realized that he had gotten his first few freckles. My heart about burst with love and sadness that he was growing out of his baby stage. We counted all of his angel kisses.

One of my favorite parts of coming to Maryland is the Dutch Amish Market. This is the most heavenly ham and cheese sandwhich you will ever have and is usually adorned with anamazing BBQ sauce to boot. I always get one of these while Beau always get's a melt in your mouth pretzel. 

The family talent show was a fun night. Our family sang "i love to see the temple" Such a hit :)

One of the rainy days we had there we headed down to the air and space museum near the dolace airport. Of course Tennyson was in heaven. I loved seeing his face light up and all of the "ooo"s he would say at every new plane. He is a boy in love with all things machine that's for sure. On the way back we stopped at the DC temple and ran around the visitors center. I love how much this little one loves the temple as well. He asks for "temple song" or "marjorie song" almost every night multiple times a night while we're going to bed. Every steeple is tall pointy thing is a temple to him. It's the best.

Seth and Julie took of to NYC for a few days and we watched Ezra and Mable for them. Ezra was so sweet and obedient- he made Tennyson look like a terror! We made a bold choice and decided to drive to Gettysburg with the two of them and Christian. I really wanted to see the battle field and learn about what happened there. Given we had three babies with us it turned it pretty well. We got out at a few of the stops including Picketts charge and the cemetary and let them run around. We read about it on our wikipedia apps and then promised ice cream for the drive home which we definitely delivered on.

These boys love their daddy that's for sure.

Other activities included a girls lunch, a family 5 mile run, lots of chatting, swimming at the Residence inn pool and world cafe's. We miss all of the Jewkes already!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our nations birthday and my birthday 2015

Photos from a fun whirlwind 4th of July and birthday party with my family in Utah. So sad my parents couldn't be there but being with all of the siblings was so great. Beau planned the most thoughtful birthday party and I felt so special. Complete with water balloons and a birthday hat. 

Sunday evening after church and dinner we went with Matt and Anna Marie up to Cascade springs to stroll around. That place will always remind me of my childhood. It is so beautiful and I love being in the mountains.