Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Marathon Training

Of course I choose to run/train for the Boston Marathon during the winter with record snowfall. It seemed like there was a long stretch when every organized run on saturdays was canceled because of dangerous conditions. Most of the time I would venture out on my own anyways and brave the ice and snow. The upside is that it got me outside to atleast appreciate the beauty of it most of the time. Somehow it made it all a little more bearable.

Unfortunately I had to do one of my long runs on a treadmill. It was just too cold and icy outside to get up early and get out. I had to document that I had just run 17 miles on a treadmill. It was hard but I was surprised at how quickly it went when I broke it up.

I loved beind up before everyone else and seeing the beauty of the city covered in a blanket of snow.

At one of the few organized runs I attended. We met out in Wellesley and ran along the course. This particular run I stood up and dedicated to Marjorie as it was just a few weeks after she passed away.

Just more documenting

The view over the BU bridge one morning. The river was frozen for weeks and weeks and weeks on end but it sure was beautiful at times.

Finally when the river thawed, I was joined early in the morning by the rowers. They were welcome companions.

The last organized run we started at the starting line in Hopkinton and ran the first 20 miles of the course. I felt great and it went by so fast! It made me nervous to taper. Of course it was snowing.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Winter Happenings

School makes time fly by. Even this winter with the crazy amount of snow, it didn't feel so terrible. Living on campus allows us to "get out" without actually having to brave the cold. There were so many snow days that school was canceled it felt like school didn't start until March anyways. This allowed for lots of time with daddy which we obviously loved. 

When we got back from South Africa, we turned around and left back to Boston the next day. It was a whirlwind few days but when we finally settled down I couldn't get enough of my boys. Although I didn't miss all of Christians spit up. Seriously this kid was a spit up machine for what felt like forever.

 I didn't do a good job of documenting all of the loads of snow we got this winter. But it was quite remarkable. We tried to get out but obviously were limited.

A few days after finally getting back to Boston, I needed to do something with Mary. I had missed everything surrounding Marjories funeral and I just had to do something to mourn her with Mary. So we went to Walden pond and snow shoed in all of the deep deep snow. It was amazing and we totally felt her spirit there. We stomped out her initials MOS into the snow on the beach.

I hosted a girls night for Jeremiahs section. It was so much fun opening up our home!

On one of Daddy's days off, it was too cold to do much of anything outside so we headed to the aquarium with the boys. Beau hasn't done much of that kind of stuff with our kids so it was so fun for him. Of course we stopped at Paramount on the way home.

Checkin out the igloo made by some friends on the SFP grounds. Tennyson and I chased each other round and round! He loved it. 

Valentines day brought another snow day! So we got to spend lots of time with Beau cuddling, wrestling, decorating cookies, writing valentines notes. I sure got lucky with all of my valentines.

Mary's first outing without Marjorie. We went to the Burlington mall and window shopped. It was amazing to see her courage and determination to rise up to every "first" without Marjorie. This one was tough and her passing so fresh but we couldn't help but notice the red balloon in this picture and all felt and impression that she was there holding Mary's hand.

Girls night out!

Checking out the new children's wing at the Copley library

Bye Bye binkies!

Bribing him with donuts while grocery shopping. I can't get enough of those chocolate chip eyes!

The founder of cross-fit came to jeremiahs section so of course i sat in :)

Field trip to the fire station! Of course Tenny hated getting up close and personal with his favorite thing on the planet!

Brothers at bathtime! Tennyson is loving his new robe Grandma Becky gave him as a Christmas present. 

One of their favorite past times 

Some of my greatest friends in life. I am so lucky to have them and their wonderful children. Our Happy Hanna's photo shoot was a success and even got a nod from Hanna herself via instagram!