Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tennyson's first snow day

After our last big winter storm Beau felt a nagging fatherly obligation to take his son out sledding for the first time. The temperatures were starting to warm up a bit and there was still plenty of snow for the taking so we got up in the morning, made some hot chocolate, got some of our favorite donuts and headed to the hill.

The verdict was that Tennyson totally hated it. Right after I stopped filming in the clip above he started sobbing. Very out of character for him but he was a trooper.

Later in the afternoon we had a few errands to run around the city so we decided to bundle up again and walk around. The garden and common were definitely a scene out of a winter land story book. The pond was totally frozen over which allowed for ice skating, hockey games and other daring adventures. There was sledding in the common with ice sculptures and ice skating at the frog pond.

And here I am at 16 weeks. I have definitely gotten bigger since then but will post on that later!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas in Maryland 2013

We decided to make it a tradition and headed down to Maryland for the 2nd year in a row for Christmas. Being back at their place brought waves of nostalgia as it was my first return to the place where I delivered my first born. Grandma and Poppy joined us for a Christmas to remember at the Sedgwick plantation. Festivities included a christmas piano recital, the amish market, day trip to the district to see the botanical garden trains, a temple session, temple visitor center lights and christmas concert, bowling, REI garage sale, amazing afghan food and a birthday celebration!

We got some snow right when we arrived which was a dream come true!

Amish market

The yummiest pretzels you will ever have.

Christmas eve was magical of course.

Christmas day snuggles

Tennyson did not last long in that concert


The Washington D.C. Botanical Gardens

Tennyson's birthday celebration deserves a post of it's own!