Saturday, November 15, 2014

Christians last surgery

Christian had his last surgery on November 4th. No more ostomy bag changes, no more g tube (hopefully). I'll be honest I was not looking forward to going back into the hospital and kind of had a panic attack about it. What if they don't let us leave??! What if something happens and he ends up being admited for months??! My mom came back with me from California and Christians surgery was the next day. I got to the hospital at 630 and got him in his gown and all checked in. He looked so darling. It was going to be a fairly easy process but there was always a chance something could happen of course. I went out to the waiting hallway and fell asleep on a couch while reading. A few hours later, one of the old nurses who go around updating parents came and told me they were finished! I went to the PACU to see him and he looked so puffy and irritated. As he was coming out of the anesthesia he was not happy about things. And this included his circumcision :)

The next few days my mom and I traded off time at the hospital and Beau spent the nights there. We were in a shared room but I requested that we try and wait till there was an A space available so that we could have more room. Basically we were waiting for poop. We were waiting to see if his bowels were going to work and he would finally poop out of his bum. I was at the hospital one day and a cleaner had just come in and didn't shut the door so of course Christian woke up. I was so so frustrated because I had just gotten him to sleep and laid him in his crib. This had been going on a while and I was kind of losing patience. I threw myself onto the bed and cried and pleaded that he would poop so we could just get out of there. Right then I thought I smelled something and peeked in his diaper. POOP!!! He had pooped and I was ecstatic! It is such a miracle and I never want to forget it. After that it was a matter of going up on feedings to make sure that his bowels could tolerate full feeds and not dump out of his bum.

He definitely had some diaper rash and I had to create a special concoction that kept his bum from getting too damaged from all of the acidity. Christians poop was very liquidy at first and he still needed imodium to help slow himself down. We left 2 days later and spent a total of 6 days for this hospital stay. I was over the moon to get out of there! What I didn't know was ahead of me was all of the doctors appointments that he would need to get his input output adjusted appropriately. I probably paid 100$ in valet parking  during the winter because I had to take tennyson with me and needed the help getting out of the car. They kept his G-tube in so that we could use it if needed and I'm so glad they did because he would go through spurts where he couldn't keep anything down.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Back in the Saddle

Wow! It has been too long since I updated our family blog but I'll be honest... I did it on purpose. Our family has gone through some major changes and growing pains and I haven't had the courage to document it all. Honestly, looking back to the month of May, when my last post was written, feels like a lifetime ago. I feel like a totally different woman, mother, wife and friend. Our world has been turned up side down and right side up again in a matter of 5 months and I intend to recount as much of it as I can. Because now that I can take a deep breath, it seems manageable.