Friday, April 25, 2014

Fripp Island 2014

Another beach vacation with the Jewkes clan! (well at least some of them) Cheap flights and accommodations on trade allowed us to take a spring break vaca with some of the greatest people around. This was literally the first time my skin had seen sunshine in 6 months and boy did I defrost. Pictures don't even do it justice. Let's just say that I greatly underestimated how fair I really was.

The beach house we stayed at was right on the ocean and PERFECT for our group not to mention gorgeous and despite a few rainy days at the beginning the weather was perfect!

 the island is surrounded on one side by the ocean and on the other by marsh lands which both made for beautiful landscapes.

endless golf card rides to the candy store

Lots of beach time with a friendly game of soccer. Tennyson loved playing in the sand with his cousins and even tried to take a dip in the ocean on his own.

Every morning I took T on a walk  while the sun came up and listened to General Conference on my phone. It was heavenly to say the least

alligators on the golf course

 Scooter rides around the island were very romantic. We found a great little spot to get our make out on! This place was a teenage dream.

Lounging on the deck the first sunny day I had shorts and a t shirt on. I was literally only out there for an hour or so and my legs ended up looking like this:
it was painful to say the least. i didn't even think about sunscreen but luckily my face was shaded.

Evenings were spent playing 4 square, card games, eating way to much popcorn and candy and watching way too much fox news.

Loved taking this munchkin to the pool and he was in heaven!

30 weeks and my lovely lobster legs or red stockings as everyone loved making fun of me for.

We had a tennis tournament and sadly due to my lack of expertise Beau and I failed miserably. Luckily Beau still loves me.

and because I love claire.

Friday night we went into the local town of Beaufort, had some southern BBQ and then headed over to the drive in movie to watch Rio 2. PSA: do not take your 1 year old to an 8 pm drive in movie. It didn't work out so well for us.

Such a great group of Jewkes!

Gary and Becky were so generous and drove us all the way to the airport in Charleston 1.5 hours away. We made a day out of it and walked around, had some lunch and ice cream. The weather could not have been more perfect. Last time I was in Charleston it was almost too hot to enjoy.

Thank you Grandma and Poppy for planning such a wonderful spring break vacation!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Boston Marathon 2014

Boston Marathon 2014 was a landmark year for the biggest race in America. One year after the bombings the city was extra patriotic and full of amazing energy. I love Boston even more during marathon weekend. This year we decided to rent our apartment and bunk up at the Mildenhall Hotel in Jamaica Plain along with the Smith family. It was a weekend that will forever go down in History. We let our renters in and left early in the morning. We made our way up to Maine and saw Nubble light house for the first time. I love driving along the north shore and seeing all of the cute New England towns. 

Earlier in the week I picked up some new running shoes at Marathon Sports in honor of the anniversary of the bombings. I couldn't help wanting a piece of the action!

Sunday was Easter and sadly I do not know how I ended up not getting a single family picture. Actually it's probably on the phone that I lost all of the pictures on. Sad day. Anyways I got all of the groceries to make a yummy easter dinner including ham, rolls and potatoes. yum! Fast forward to monday morning. Tennyson was feeling super sick so I sent the rest of the crew on to Lexington to watch the reenactment. A top 5 things to see in Boston. So cool! Afterwards a LDS family in Lexington holds a pancake breakfast. It's legit.

After Tennyson and I had rested up we all took the T down to the finish line. It was pure madness! I kind of wish he had opted for Kendall square or something because with all of the security you couldn't even really see the runners let alone cheer for them. It ended up being a lot of walking and my pregnant feet were killing me.