Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tennyson's First Birthday

My baby turned 1! OK, I wasn't as sentimental as I thought I would be about him turning a year old. Maybe it's because he STILL isn't walking and doesn't really prefer to feed himself. He's not super independent but I wouldn't call him dependent either. Anyways, we celebrated his birthday twice this year! The first time on his actual birthday while we were still vacationing down in Maryland and the second time with friends in Boston. 

Looked over on the morning of his birthday and saw him with a Trix stuck to his nose. What a great way to start out the day!

That night we made homemade pizzas, had sparkling cider, cake smash and opened presents. Just what a first birthday needs!

Wish we would have gotten a family shot but this will have to do!

 Tennyson Shares a birthday with his cousin Hannah!

Tennyson had help from his cousins to open all of his presents including the hilarious laughing sock monkey that rolls around on the floor from Grandma Becky. She gives the best presents. Then it was off off to bed for our birthday boy.

A month later we did a joint birthday party with our friend Mary who was due 2 days after Tennyson. (Even though Tennyson came a month early we count them as gestationally the same age. I didn't take a picture of the food spread but it was nothing to take note of other then the fact that I started my first kitchen fire in Madison's kitchen. So embarrassing. Tennyson scored with a 2nd cake smash!

And what would the night be without a shared bath with his future girlfriend?

Happy happy birthday Tennyson Beau! You have been so full of surprises your first year starting with your birth and we can't wait to see what a great big brother you'll make to our next little boy Jewkes coming in June!

Sundance Ski trip 2013

Around New Years we decided with our friends the Fitzpatricks that a Sundance trip was very much in order for our winter plans. I had been dying to go skiing as it has been a few years and even though it was bitter cold and snowy in Boston, being in the mountains seemed like a better place to enjoy it. After a terrible flight with Tennyson (which was later to be explained by the flu) we made it to Utah. We got lucky with snow conditions because we flew in just after a large snow storm had passed through after a streak of dry weather. This made the first day of skiing pure heaven! It wasn't too cold and snow conditions were pretty amazing. I could have kept skiing for 10 more hours after our full day!

We met up with Beau's childhood friend Jared Verzello and his wife Amanda for the first day of skiing. It was a blast!

After the first few nights it was apparent that mr. tennyson was indeed sick with the flu and kept my dear sister Anna Marie up all night. Perfect timing right? I felt bad enough dumping my kid on my mom for 5 days but a sick kid is especially no fun. This had me down in Provo most every other night and parts of the days to take care of him. Lots of vomit, diarrhea, coughing and fevers with very little appetite had us at the instacare on the morning we were supposed to leave just in case it was a bad idea to fly. 

Dinner at Snake Creek grill in Heber

On sunday while Madison and Evan went snowmobiling we headed down to Provo for some family time and watched the super bowl at my grandpas house. This picture it right before Tennyson threw up in the sink. Lovely.

A morning of cross country skiing at Aspen grove

One of the days I was able to steal away and go do the tubing at Soldier Hollow in midway. Where Beau and I had our reception. It was way faster and more like a roller coaster then I remember. I could not get enough and wanted to keep going again and again!

After Beau worked the entire last day of the trip I was sad and getting ready to go home without another day on the slopes. When we discovered that another big snowstorm was hitting the east coast we decided to push our flight back 24 hours and enjoy another day at the cabin. And thus miracle of miracles we got another day to go skiing. It was a beautiful day and I am so grateful I got to spend it with Beau skiing. 

That night we took a red eye to Charlotte and then to Boston getting in at 10 AM. After some Benadryl induced sleep from Tennyson we headed home. I had a mere 2 hours to shower, repack my bag and debrief my wonderful friend Chelsie who would be watching Tennyson during the daytime before I caught my plane to Dallas. It was crazy but I am really glad I made the effort to be there with the Jewkes sisters. Sundance, you were less than ideal with a sick baby but that wasn't your fault so we'll try you again. Maybe next year.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jewkes Sisters trip 2014

Diet Coke, good food, treats, zumba, laughter and shopping. All essential ingredients for success to a Jewkes sisters weekend get away. For Jennefer and Dagmar's 40th birthday all of the Jewkes sisters and sisters in law made their way to Dallas for a long weekend of fun. And it was so perfect! Just the idea of riding on a plane without my child sounds like a vacation and something I have missed. After a crazy turn around for me after a delayed red eye back from utah with a sick baby and thinking I might not make it I was so relieved to sit down in my seat on the plane and pull out my book and music and just read. On my 2nd leg of my flights to Dallas, I was surprised to see Beau's sister Emily walk on to my flight. And from then until Rebecca dropped me off at the airport at the end of the trip was non stop fun and relaxing.

 I'm not sure why so many of my pictures turned out blurry from this trip but I had to document what I had captured. 

After Rachel picked Emily and I up from the airport we drove to another airport to pick up Becky, Claire, Amanda and little baby Alison who was a dream the whole time. We then grabbed a quick dinner and met everyone at the hotel. After the initial greetings and a couple hours of catching up we went to bed. 

The next morning we started out with a  HIIT class from Claire in the workout center of the hotel. This was a sight to behold and I wish I had taken a picture. 13 women crammed into a small room with treadmills, bikes and other workout equipment doing circuit training while other guests tried to workout around us. We definitely dominated in true Jewkes fashion. After cleaning up we went to the famous Breadwinners for a late breakfast. 

This place was smorgasbord of amazing carbs

We then went back to the hotel to digest our food and change rooms, followed by more talking and pedicures. Then of course we had to shop and eat some more so we hit up a great mall, sprinkles and a fabulous taco place.

We finished the night off with a trip to walmart to get some more goodies and a gift exchange celebrating Dagmar. With lots of talking interspersed.  The next day started with an attempted zumba class in the fitness room, breakfast in the hotel and then lunch at a fabulous sandwich restaurant. We ended up staying there for a good 3 hours talking and then finally headed downtown to catch the Mckinney Street trolley. We rode this to a park that had food trucks parked all around and had to get one of my LA favorites a Cool Haus ice cream sandwich.

We finished off the night with a successful trip to Nordstrom Rack and a burger dive dinner at 9 PM! Sunday greeted us with church and a tour of Rachels new home which was beautiful!

A kid free, nonscheduled girls trip that I wasn't in charge of was better than I ever imagined! Being able to do things whenever we felt like it and stay out as late as we wanted was all I needed to feel like I was on vacation. Thank you to Rachel who hosted and drove us around and happy birthday to Dagmar and Jennefer!