Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 was one for the books. All of the fun festivities around Boston make this place so magical during the holiday season. A few things that aren't documented the Messiah concert I went to at trinity church and the Candlelight Carols with Alana and Christina - the repetoire this year was out of control soo good! I about died and went to heaven in that concert.

We also made it over to the Beacon hill holiday stroll. This was my first time at this event and it was darling of course. A bit chilly but nothing we couldn't handle. We kept Christian bundled up in the stroller and got some hot chocolate to keep Tennyson warm. 

 Some of our Christmas decor

The dean of HBS does a holiday tree lighting every year. This was complete with carolers, a hot chocolate and dessert bar and of course lots and lots of lights! The community here at HBS is so much fun to be apart of.

Took the plunge and finally moved Tennyson into a toddler bed. It went smoother than I thought it would. He only fell out a few times the first couple of nights and since then it's been smoothe sailing. Other than the fact that now when he wakes up he immediately comes in and gets us... sometimes I wish I still had a "cage" I could put him in :) 

 So... I got asked to Holidazzle 2014 by the cutest guy at HBS... But in all seriousness this felt like a giant high school dance with lots of booze. It was fun being at the Westin in the city and getting dressed up. But when the music fades and my feet start to hurt I'm just a mom dressed up in her little sisters homecoming dress and fake jewelry :) You better believe we danced our butts off!

I was in charge of the decorations for Jr. holidazzle this year. Crimson Parents always throws the most amazing parties and this one did not disappoint. It was a lot of work to get ready for but we pulled it off and I think everyone had a great time. 

On our way to Mee mahs house.

Again another family picture where we were too lazy to get Christian out of the stroller. Such a fun night at temple square with the Bell family.

It was fun doing Christmas in Utah for the first time with our kids. Riverwoods does a great job of outfitting the shops for christmas time. And we fill our canteens of Cougar pride by attending a pre-season basketball game. Of course I'm only there for the amazing cougar tail donut. Teaching Tennyson what it's all about. I love being with my family during the holidays, eating good food and practicing beloved traditions.

Someone in my parents churc has the most amazing train sets that I have ever seen. It was quite the sight to behold and of course T was in heaven. 

I couldn't believe that it was just my children that were getting attention on Christmas morning. You would have thought they were my parents only grandchildren :) A very unique experience on both sides of our family. Tennyson got his fill of toys and we had a yummy french toast breakfast with Matt and Anna Marie. 

Sledding on our ghetto cookie sheet. Why did my parents get rid of their sleds? 

Sundance gingerbread houses

Magical snow

And of course the longest game of sequence with the parentals. I want to say this game was a draw.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We opted to stay close to home this year for thanksgiving.  An invitation to North Conway from some classmates was hard to refuse and it ended up being the most picturesque weekend. On our drive up there it began snowing and continued to snow through the night leaving over a foot of fresh powder the next morning. After night before prep for our thanksgiving meal the ladies hot tub'd under the fresh falling snow and the men sat around and chatted. The house we rented had two full kitchens which was a lifesaver for all of the thanksgiving dishes that were being whipped up. We woke up thanksgiving morning, got our snow gear on and played in the snow under the bluest sky. After a little while I went back in to start my portion of the thanksgiving feast we were going to have for dinner- Crostini's starter, banana cream pie and home made rolls and jam.

On friday we did some black friday shopping at the nearby outlets. I feel like there is no such thing as a good deal anymore. The outlets said they had a certain percentage off their clothing items but everything still felt so expensive just cheaper quality. I got one shirt and a few things for the kids and we headed out. But not before stopping at the Bavarian chocolate haus. Shops like this are what always get me in New England. This area of the country has quaint and classy and picturesque down pat.

The whole drive up we had a sing a long to Handels Messiah to get us in the Christmas spirit. I was giddy with joy!

Grocery shopping on thanksgiving eve in the snow proved to be quite the adventure.

Making a snow fort

watching the Macy's thanksgiving day parade

 My beautiful rolls

While we were waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready and both our kids were asleep we decided to take a drive and poke around the beautiful area of North Conway. We parked the car and walked down the most beautiful snow covered path along a river. It eventually lead to a golf course where I dared Beau to make a snow angel.

I love him.