Friday, September 27, 2013

Tennyson Beau 9 Months

Staphylococcus Part 3

So we were spending the night at Boston Medical Center. Upon entering our room I was greeted with a bubbly blonde nurse who asked all sorts of questions to get him admitted. Next came the residents who were on our service that night. They asked all of the same questions that I had now answered probably three times. If I had to estimate how many times I recounted his symptoms and the course of his illness it would be in the 50 ball park. no joke. After they had finished and I was left alone with him I was finally able to take in my surroundings. Having spent a fair amount of time in hospitals, I could immediately observe how underfunded this facility was. I was sitting in a wood rocking chair (talk about sore bum after 20 min), old monitors not mounted to the wall but on a poll, old metal crib, divots in walls and floor that hadn't been fixed and toilet paper that was thinner then a single piece of tissue paper I kid you not. 

I do not consider myself high maintenance and soon became accustomed to the different accommodations. I decided to turn out the lights and go to sleep with my little guy. That first night in the hospital was far and away the longest one of my life so far. I pulled out the chair/bed and laid down with him. Little Tennyson was constantly whimpering in his sleep between sobs which meant I was up as well trying to make him more comfortable. Around midnight Daddy came to the rescue. Being exhausted himself after a few long nights at work he took the baby laid down and fell right to sleep. 

While I was glad he was there to save the day, it left me with only one other place to sit. The rock hard wooden rocking chair. It is the closest I have come to torture being that exhausted and that uncomfortable. Finally around 1 or 2 AM I told him he could go home and sleep and I would stay there with the baby. Semi out of it he left and I laid back down with Mr. T. Around 4-5 he woke up screaming at the top of his lungs. No amount of bouncing, rocking, shhing, feeding would console him and multiple times he would lose his breath he was sobbing so hard. I remember wondering if he was going to die he was in so much distress and so inconsolable. This is when I lost my marbles. I felt totally at a loss of what to do for him and was physically and emotionally exhausted. I just started sobbing while bouncing around the room with him. One of the nurses came in and in between sobs I explained that there was something seriously wrong with my baby and I had no idea how to help him feel better. This was more than the flu. While I was grateful for her help, she brushed me off as a crazy mom who is sleep deprived (which I was) and I felt exasperated trying to explain to her that I knew there was something more. She took him, calmed him down and laid him in the crib. I laid down in the bed and fell asleep. 

The next morning the team came into round and give updates on Tennyson's results. The blood work they had gotten in the ER showed that he did not have the flu but a bacterial infection but they weren't sure what kind. This allowed us to keep our private room since it could be communicable. The bad news was they needed to try a spinal tap on him again ASAP so that they could rule out meningitis and start him on a broad spectrum antibiotic. That day was a blur, a dozen pokes trying to get an IV into him and blood draws for tests. And because of his high fever, he was so dehydrated and getting blood from him was a feat in itself. This caused for drawn out emotional processes every time and usually he would get so worked up while they were trying to get blood that he would ruin his IV and the whole process would start over. Beau and I started taking turns of who would stay with him while they poked. It felt selfish to leave him alone so that we didn't have to watch him hurt.

The spinal tap came back negative so they were able to start him on antibiotics. One big problem. They needed to start IV antibiotics and he didn't have an IV. By the end of the day I had to advocate for him and ask for no more tries to get an IV. His hands and feet looked like pin cushions from all of the sticks every nurse in the hospital had tried. They agreed to let him rest and did and IM injection of an antibiotic for the first 48 hours.  
Sleeping on the job

His purple little hand

That friday, 2 days after we were admitted, the biggest storm of the winter swept through Boston and the rest of the east coast. I have never seen so much snow.  The nurses on the floor had to sleep at the hospital and then work again the next morning because they couldn't go home. It was pretty wild seeing the snow build up all day long and by night it looked like this. You would be given a ticket if you were out on the road driving.

The next day the streets looked like this. All those lumps behind me are cars totally buried in snow. We left the babe with a nurse for a 1/2 hour to go look at all the damage and grab some breakfast. Take a break. It was so nice to get some fresh air. I went home and showered, got a some more changes of clothes and just cried for a long time. At this point I had not idea how long we would be stuck in a hospital but the doctors were saying it will probably be 2 weeks to give IV antibiotics and then he'd be good to go.

That day I repeated my story to yet another set of doctors that came in to look at Tennyson. I explained, as I had to the other doctors that he always kept his knees as close to his chest as possible and would scream when he got his diaper changed. She did her examination and found the same thing and ordered an ultrasound of his hips and groin area to see if there was inflammation. And the mystery of his pain and infection began to unfold. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Jewkes family reunion pictures

Gathered up at Sundance, we had everyone of the Jewkes there except for one in-law who was greatly missed.

The originals
Jennefer, Josh, Jessica, Jordan, Emily, Becky & Gary, Rebecca, Rachel, Claire, Julie, Jeremiah, Jacob


Grand kids only


Utah July 2013- Jewkes Family Reunion

Jewkes family reunion 2013 was one to remember. Almost all 60 of the Jewkes family migrated to the beautiful scenery of Sundance UT for a week of non stop chaos and fun. 

The week started off with cousins camp headed up by the Dave and Jess- they are my heros after witnessing the kind of energy and enthusiasm they put into it. It was faith promoting, fun and full of family bonding.  

The first day we all made the hike to Stewart Falls including Tennyson and the triplets! Let me just say that it was HOT!

Hiking was followed by a trip to the new Provo Rec center which did not disappoint.

Beau and I didn't participate in all of the cousins camp activities but it was non stop and a whole lot of fun for those kiddos. The reunion made up the last half of the week and started with a scavenger hunt at BYU campus. Unfortunately I didn't get too many pictures there but I did manage to snap a pic of all 4 babies, born on the same day, playing together on a blanket. Those triplets sure are cute!

After the scavenger hunt the masses spread across Utah Valley to get their favorite eats and we reconvened at a park up Provo Canyon.

Sunday we had church at Aspen Grove, a sweet family testimony meeting afterwards, hanging out, gettin haircuts and then family pictures. 

Monday, some of us started the day off with a long run down the canyon to Maglebys Fresh to get some french toast/ pancakes. I am salivating just thinking about it. After heading back up the whole group went to South Fork park to play the Jewkes specialty- Soccer.  

It got quite intense including injuries, profanities, and even tears. We were lucky to have the fabulous announcer Poppy from the sidelines with a megaphone calling out every move of the game.

Soccer was followed by a bubble gum blowing contest- also a Jewkes tradition which was won by Jessica.

The winning bubble

 Maimie Jane


 Tennyson and Grandma Becky

After soccer and pizza some of the group headed down the road to tube the Provo river which is always one of my favorite summer time activities. We ended the reunion with a talent show and photo slide show. What a blast!