Tuesday, February 12, 2013

my little babe

i am currently sitting at Boston Medical Center in the pediatric department (going on 5 days) anxiously awaiting the return of my little son from a lengthy test and procedure. i have watched an episode of the bachelor (good riddens tierra) and an episode of nashville and he STILL isn't back. so i figure since i can't hold my baby right now i will just have to blog about him. 

here are some awesome last minute photos that my friend emily took of him a few weeks ago. despite my best efforts for timing i couldn't get my little man who slept all the time to fall asleep! so enjoy his pretty, pensive eyes because he really wanted to show them to you in these pictures.  despite that hiccup, i love the way they turned out and can't believe how much fatter he already is. he's up to over a whopping 8 L-B's. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beau's 27th Birthday

on january 23rd my main man turned 27. that sounds so old. i remember when we were first dating and i helped him celebrate turning 23 on the 23rd. that means i met him when he was 22! that seems so young now but at the time felt so much older than me since i was only 19. we went night skiing up at brighton with a romantic make-out session in the snow in some trees. definitely one to remember. after skiing we met up with a bunch of his friends at CPK- the ultimate birthday party location of choice for byu-ers. (beau and i still wonder why that is). after dinner we went back to his place for some snuggling and a few more birthday kisses.

this year beau was of course traveling the day of his birthday but the upside is that he happened to be down in baltimore- the birthplace of our first born son- and his sister jessica was so sweet and took good care of him that morning to which i am so grateful. he travels down to baltimore quite a bit for work and loves getting to see the sedgwick crew all the time.  

special breakfast on his special day courtesy of the sedgwicks

being the busy boy he is beau said he had 2 hours to spend celebrating his birthday when he flew home that night so i had to be efficient. i spent the day running errands and getting things ready for (some of) his 27 favorite things on his 27th birthday. i decided to do a candlelit homecooked meal where some of these things were represented or actually given. they included: 
- hydrangeas- representing "hickory hill farm" his childhood home
- macaroni and cheese
- home cooked meals
- Inception the movie
- swedish fish/  sour patch kids
- loves notes
- pink berry
- tennyson (framed pics of the babe)
- harvard business school- represented by a t-shirt and mug
- finance/business- a recommended finance book
- snuggling
- mochi
- drinkable yogurt
- raspberries
- costco pizza
- the gospel
- socializing

as one of his 27 gifts i gave him a love note telling him 27 reasons why i loved him. i was running short on time since his flight got in earlier then i expected so they are brief- but sincere :)
1. you're a good father
2. you gave me tenny
3. hilarious
4. cuddly
5. cheesy
6. outgoing
7. smart
8. driven
9. a solid testimony of the gospel
10. service oriented
11. you chased me (reference to our courtship)
12. you are patient with me
13. you push me out of my comfort zone
14. you have a tender heart
15. you were the cutest little boy i've ever seen
16. you can lighten any mood
17. you love my family
18. you make friends easily
19. humble
20. passion for life
21. raised in the south
22. you love kids
23. kids love you
24. adventurous and a love for travel
25. you got voted best looking in highschool- he likes to remind me of that often :)
26. you show love to your parents
27. you love me unconditionally 

 attempt at a self/ family portrait. mine is the face of a windblown mama who hauled her baby all around the greater boston area in 15 degree weather for most of the day running errands. 

it was a fun quick way to celebrate how wonderful i think beau is. i love you bo- peep!!

Tennyson 4 weeks

Monday, February 4, 2013

Christmas 2012 part 1

our first christmas in boston was definitely a memorable one for many reasons other then preparing to have a bebe. here's a quick recap even though each of these deserves a separate post. 

per tradition we (I) completed our first holiday jigsaw puzzle over the length of december. this particular puzzle was beau's pick.


I decorated for christmas time to the sound of Manheim Steamroller a christmas music tradition that beau refuses to accept which means i have to listen to it when he's not around. however, i have made it very clear that our children will be Manheim Christmas enthusiasts. 

We ate more than our fair share of TJ's chocolate covered peppermint jo jo's 

Apologies for the crummy picture but I had to document the Copley square Christmas tree lighting. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of the much more extravagant Boston Common tree lighting affair complete with fireworks. 

The day they light the Common tree they also light up the trees that go the length of commonwealth avenue. It is pretty magical to see especially in the snow. The lights seem to go on forever!

Here's a better picture via

this Christmas i joined a local choir  that is apart of Trinity Church located here in Boston. as part of the Christmas season i was able to join them in a production of the messiah complete with orchestra and also a Christmas concert called the Candlelight Carols. both of these concerts were so moving to be apart of and it was a great way for me to reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ and the priceless gift it was to the world. 

here's my pregnant self after the concert in my robes. 

we also went and saw the Nutcracker with some friends over the christmas holiday. i was in heaven!! every time i go see the ballet i dream of dancing for days. the theater we saw it in was older and so beautiful- one of the perks of living in boston. the performance was incredible although there were some serious slips/falls during a few of the numbers one of which was a solo by the winter queen.
this snow proved dangerous for those ballerinas

i also managed to cram in a visit to the "Enchanted Village"- a set of window displays that used to fill an old popular department stores windows at christmas time but has since been acquired by an incredibly tacky furniture business. (see picture of the owner below complete with creepy ponytail). the displays were incredible though and as you walked through every few minutes fake snow would fall as "i'm dreaming of a white christmas" filled your ears. very sentimental and a good future family night for the kids. 

i have the best family in the world! my mom and sister came out for the choir concert mentioned above and we had a blast. one of the many adventures we had was going down to Newport RI where the incredibly wealthy families of the "Gilded Age" spent their summers. It was straight out of Downton Abby. we toured "the breakers" owned by the vanderbilts.

next is beaus holiday work party at the mandarin hotel. all i have to say is FREE SUSHI! it was a lot of fun to finally put faces with so many names i had heard

not to mention, beau was put in the slide show as the pink unicorn- symbol of all things pure. that's my boy.

lastly, is we had another visitor during the month of december. becky, beau's mom came to join the fun with my mom and sister. needless to say we had a blast! beau is such a momma's boy.

(oh and i got bangs cut)