Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rosemary Beach 2013

The long awaited Florida vacation finally came! Beau has talked about Florida beaches since we were dating and how they are infinitely better then CA beaches or any beach he'd been to for that matter. So when some of his family was planning a trip to Rosemary beach we were all for it. It definitely did not disappoint. Along the pan handle of Florida are organized vacation communities each with their own style. One of these is Seaside where the Truman show was filmed if that gives you any idea. Rosemary is a newer community and was such a blast.

(get ready for picture overload)

 on our way

donut truck for breakfast in the morning

board walk down to the beach

face plant

1 of 4 pools in the community

always twerking

Tenny and Tessa

food trucks in sea side

 truman show??

handsome man

frisbee in seaside

 nightly walks to look at architecture

 do you think they're related??