Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camping on the Cape

Last minute camping plans turned out to be one of our funnest weekends here in Boston- or ever. We drove down to the Cape the afternoon of July 4th, after the USS Constitution, and didn't look back. Our friends Chris and Elise Klomp were already down there scuba diving and had everything all set up for us. They were definitely lucky that weekend. They let us use all of their extra stuff and were very generous and understanding of all of our un-savvy camping ways and let us borrow pretty much all of their stuff. Bless them.
 Let's just say that the 4th of july weekend was hotter then ____ (fill in word of choice) and leave it at that. It left us with no desire to start a fire, or cook dinner, and kept us constantly in our swimsuits and in the water.

I loved getting to spend my birthday down there in nature. Elise made me feel very special with birthday pancakes in the morning complete with a candle and a birthday camping feast for dinner with the perfect s'more to top it all off.

Like I mentioned, the morning of my birthday we had yummy pancakes for breakfast and then we headed to Flax pond to swim and play. It was right next to our camping spot so I convinced Beau to swim across it with me to the beach. I wanted to do something that made me feel "alive' on my birthday and a fresh water swim certainly did the trick. It was so beautiful and rejuvenating. Flax pond is a kettle pond (don't ask me what that means) and results in amazingly fresh and clear water. I'm begging Elise to take me to another one of her amazing camping spots here on the east coast, she is the best guide.


Champion Camper


Flax Pond 

 First time scuba diving went better then expected

 Making the birthday feast- complete with Martinelli's compliments of Elise 
("mar-tinellis, mar-tinellis")

 the thickest most painful smoke ever.

The s'more I'm still dreaming about

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Nations Birthday part 2

We didn't have our plans set in stone as far as what we were going to do on the actual 4th. We had been invited to go camping down on the cape but weren't sure when we'd head down because we wanted to tackle some Boston festivities. 

Eventually we compromised and decided to head down to the cape for the evening. I got up early at 6 AM to go on a run- and it was still one of the hottest runs of my life. It was fun to see what they had set up along the river but I was glad we had done the concert the night before and I didn't have to debate sitting out all day in the blistering heat and humidity to get a good seat for the fireworks. We then spent the morning packing things up, letting Tennyson take a nap and then headed to Castle Island to watch the USS Constitution take its Annual sale around Boston to keep it's commissioned status.

old iron sides

After watching the boat we made the 1.5 hour drive down to the cape and got comfortable at our campsite in Nickerson state park. 

And... it wouldn't be a camping trip without Beau having to work just a little bit.

We waited for our comrades to get back from their scuba diving excursion to catch lobsters. They are serious adventurers. We are just lucky they include us...and let us use all their stuff. After they got back we made some dinner and then made our way to Provincetown which is on the tippity tip of the cape to watch fireworks. I guess it it common knowledge around here but Provincetown is known for being a hot spot for all gays of New England.  Lets just say that we were definitely outnumbered, may have gotten groped a bit and had a much "wilder" fourth of July then we had expected. That being said, Provincetown may be the most charming sea coast town I've been to yet! I can't wait to go back again during the day.

Until next year Independence Day! 

Our nations Birthday part 1

I have come to terms since moving away from Utah that other communities around the US just don't know how to celebrate Independence Day like Provo does. My favorite holiday, nestled right up against my birthday has made this time of year one that I countdown to.

It being our first year in Boston I was looking forward to what Beantown had to offer but just assumed that it wouldn't measure up to the Wasatch front. Well, I was totally wrong. I guess I should have known that in the birthplace of our country with so much American Revolutionary history, they took Patriotism very seriously. It was probably the hottest I have ever been in my life but not to worry, the festivities lived up to all my wildest dreams. 

We started with a carnival at my favorite bandstand in Lexington earlier in the week.

a carnival lady was super awkward about taking a picture of us that apparently it made us feel awkward

winning a baby smurf

coming home to the building next to us on fire

the next evening Beau was a great sport and came with me to hear the Boston Pops rehearse for their annual 4th of July concert along the river. Going the day before is definitely the way to go to avoid that throngs of people. Because of the marathon bombings (and their plan to target the 4th at the esplanade) there was probably just as many security personnel (FBI, Police, Dogs, Military etc) as there were patrons. They would let you bring in coolers, diaper bags, but absolutely NO backpacks. 

not sure whats happening here

Tennyson finally passed out

Kimball Farms

Kimball farms = kid heaven/ adult heaven. I had heard about this place since we moved out here nearly a year ago (that long???) So a few weeks ago (actually the same day as our segway tour) we finally decided to go check it out and we were both smitten. It is about an hour outside the city and the best way to explain it is that it is like Trafalga (for you utahns) on steroids with oodles of east coast charm and the best ice cream you've ever put in your mouth.  I am dying to go back and can't wait. Just thinking about that peanut butter chocolate ice cream is making me salivate (that rhymes).

We got dinner, and then a ridiculous amount of ice cream and played mini golf

Ya I would say I'm kind of obsessed with this place. It makes for the perfect summer night.