Thursday, June 27, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lake Winnepesaukee Half

After having a baby I decided that I needed something to train for to kick my booty back in to shape. So because Beau got to do the Cape Cod one last October I signed up for the Big Lake Half Marathon. It was up in Lake Winnepesaukee and it was a really fun race. A hard race but a fun race. The weather threatened to ruin the day with rain but it cleared up right before the race which left us with perfect running weather. It was cool but not cold and overcast with no sun beating down on you. While my time was a good 13 minutes slower then my last half I was surprised to see that I averaged about an 8:00 min/mile pace finishing at 1:46. Better then I thought, but definitely something I would like to speed up.

 the runners before the race

 making my way up the last hill of the race. it was killer!

 No that is not me high fiving someone at the end of the race nor did I feel like giving anyone a high five at that point.

 this pic makes me want to cut my hair. way too long in my opinion.

 so happy to be done.  (don't mind my red face: an Ellertson curse)

Bryan and Catherine 

They had a neat way to look at your time where you just walked up to the screen with your bib and your time would come up on the screen.

 Mike coming in

 Beau can attest to the fact that I hate being touched after a run/ before a shower. It is the worst!

Such a great group

Hanging out at the house afterward. Lake winnepesaukee is one of the most beautiful places I have been. I can't wait to go back.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

I can say with great relief that my first mothers day was a total success! A year before, in 2012, I had just flown in to LA from Utah with a negative pregnancy test weighing on my shoulders and a heart filled with grief. Another unsuccessful try at getting pregnant was more than I could bear and I had no problem expressing this to Beau. I walked into our apartment where he was busily making a mothers day dinner for me like the sweet heart he is and we ate it over a lovely conversation.

 And then he timidly brought up me taking the meds that I was prescribed to help support a possible pregnancy. My stubborn streak is a strong one and I would not hear anything on the subject. While we didn't have official numbers of whether I was pregnant or not I was sure I wasn't based on previous experience and the aforementioned negative pregnancy test I had taken that morning. The conversation quickly escalated and I was adamant that there was no point in taking another stupid shot that made you feel like you had been hit with a baseball bat over and over again. Fuming I stomped to the bathroom and shouted "fine! I'll prove it to you again! I'm not pregnant!" I took a pregnancy test and went back to the kitchen to wait for the result. Let's just say that "eating crow" is a bit of an understatement to how we both felt about my ridiculous behavior.

Last mothers day I found out I was finally pregnant and the only thing that could top that mother's day is having one with a baby to finally snuggle in my arms.

This year I got breakfast in bed and a trip to the Lilac festival at the arboretum after church!

all the lilac bushes over on the left 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

3 year anniversary in Marblehead, MA

We had a rainy but romantic over-nighter the weekend before our anniversary in a small town about 45 minutes north of Boston called Marblehead. In true New England fashion this sea port peninsula did not disappoint. It was full of breath taking scenery, antiques and boutiques galore, yummy food and beautiful architecture to oogle at. The weather didn't completely cooperate but it didn't matter too much since we hadn't planned on a lot. The Harborlight Inn treated us well, with a comfortable bed and a delicious breakfast. It made for a great anniversary and was followed by a movie night to the Great Gatsby which we both loved. Happy 3 of the greatest years Jeremiah Jewkes!