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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter in Boston 2013

We had a great time celebrating Easter this year. At the beginning of the week I decided to read the section in Jesus the Christ that discusses everything from the last supper to the resurrection. Typically I have a hard time sticking with church books other than the scriptures but I could not get enough of this! I learned so much about the events surrounding Christ's atonement and felt like I got to know the Savior in a whole new way. Easter morning Beau and I got up early and read the "Resurrection and the Ascension" chapter together  . It was a really special experience and one that I will treasure forever.

 I am grateful beyond measure for the patience and strength of Jesus Christ in completing his mission here on the earth. I am so grateful that he was victorious over those who had him killed and death itself. I feel honored to be a woman in His church and felt so strongly his love for women and their faith. I loved reading the description of his first appearance as a resurrected being to Mary Magdalene:

"Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away" she pleaded. It was Jesus to whom she spake , and her beloved Lord, though she knew it not. One word from His living lips changed her agonized grief into ecstatic joy. 'Jesus saith unto her, Mary.' The voice, the tone, the tender accent she had heard and loved in the earlier days lifted her from the despairing depths into which she had sunk. She turned and saw the Lord.

To a woman, to Mary of Magdala, was given the honor of being the fist among mortals to behold a resurrected Soul and that Soul, the Lord Jesus. 

 Needless to say we are going to make reading these passages from Jesus the Christ and Easter tradition.

Here are some pics of our first Easter in Boston

Our Easter bunny brought church books and a re-purposed book for Tenny. I figured I'd use one with a bunny in it.

Watch out for some seriously sexy bed head...

Tennyson loved his Easter candy

After Church we went with our friends the Fitzpatricks to take some easter family photos at the Public Garden and then to a yummy easter dinner prepared by Madison.

We love the Fitz's!!

Happy Happy Easter to you!