Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tennyson 3 months

The many faces of Tennyson

I have been putting off documenting the hospital saga that probably took 5 years off of my life. Partly because there is so much to write and it seems so daunting and partly because it's still a little painful for me to think about it. Throughout the day I'll catch a whiff of something that takes me right back to our hospital rooms, his little body and the events that felt like torture as his mother.

So until I get the courage to explore that crazy period of our lives, I will leave you with the many expressions of the cute face I get to play with every day!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Christmas 2012 part 2

aside from the surprise birth of our son over the christmas holiday, our stay down in baltimore was so perfect and wonderful.  i had forgotten and underestimated how much more fun christmas is when there are children who are excited about santa clause around.

as i mentioned before beau and i drove down to maryland to spend christmas with a few of his siblings and we had a blast! we frequented the local grocery store wegmans which lived up to the hype around it. i could spend all day in a store like that. we also visited the amish dutch market. that was an adventure all in itself complete with the amish folks and the best pretzels i've ever had.

check out that beard

we took a trip down to d.c. with the whole crew. it was so so fun being at the museum of art during christmas time

like probably every other guy that walks past this modern piece of art, beau had to get a picture with it

the sedgwick home was decorated so beautifully and it was such a blast being able to participate in all their christmas traditions..most of which involved food. those are my favorite traditions. jessica made her famous toffee among other amazing christmas treats. 

 to everyone's surpirse we got snow on christmas eve! it was everyones christmas wish com true! it snowed all day and made for great snowing on christmas morning. definitely a year to remember.

 beau playing with the kiddos. this probably somehow ended in tears.

the sedgwicks property is gorgeous complete with a sledding hill and creek at the bottom. (which the boys tried to jump while sledding).

 can you see the teeny tiny people down there?

 Christmas even dinner did not disappoint. jessica and claire pulled out all the stops and we had quite the feast. And to top it off the missionaries joined us and shared with us their amazing musical talent.

winter wonderland that evening 

jason and beau got lots of snuggling in and had quite a few romantic moments if i do say so myself.

Christmas morning sledding

Look at that sunrise!
And the rest is history...the next day I went into labor and our lives were never the same.

Tennyson 2 months

I love how Tenny looks like he is looking at the "2 months" confetti

our little man is getting fat!