Thursday, September 13, 2012

pregnancy thus far

my pregnancy has been relatively easy on my body so far. i am able to run pretty much every day probably because i am still hardly showing which is a whole other issue. everyone tells me i should be grateful that i am barely showing but i'm getting impatient. there's hardly a "baby bump" but definitely a "fat bump" i guess it could be worse.

i wont give too many details but leave you with some shabby iphone self portraits because my husband is never home when i'm in normal clothes or i haven't taken my pants off for the night.

oh and for those who haven't heard we are having a (very active) boy!

I hope he's as cute as this one was!

mainly just an arched back

 20 weeks/ my behind has gotten gigantic almost like hes growing into my bum

And there you have it! don't worry i've got a few more posts coming down the pipeline...