Tuesday, August 14, 2012


we had big plans for this summer. beau was going to take a couple months off between jobs just for him and moi to go have adventures together and travel the world. some legitimate options were oh so close to becoming reality such as volunteering at hospitals/ tennis camps in Israel, going with friends to Vietnam also for humanitarian and a great career experience for beau in Ghana. as we were trying to nail down our summer plans in the spring nothing seemed to be working out, lots of phone calls and even meetings with different people never could seal the deal. we felt like if we didn't do anything it would be a gigantic missed opportunity for us and were really frustrated by the lack of adventure still to be planned for our summer of bliss.

well lo and behold  God was keeping his watchful eye over us the whole time. (why does that always come as a shock?)

a fateful cancer diagnosis at 19 made beau's little army not so hot for making babies the "natural" way but a miracle of miracles insurance just happened to let us start "trying" a few months after we were married. i'm not going to go into the emotional, spiritual, physical roller coasters of infertility because those who know it need no explanation and those who don't will never really understand. i didn't. and just like almost everything, you gain a completely different perspective and sympathy once you've actually gone through something yourself.

so what started out as this:

after 6 weeks became these:

and three weeks later became these two little munchkins:

and sadly just a few days later at around 10.5 weeks one stopped growing and decided it wasn't quite ready to join our family. it was definitely sad and a hard mindset adjustment going from 2 to 1 after a month to think about it every second of the day. but it's hard to stay sad when you are so grateful and excited to still be blessed with one. and after shedding my tears of disappointment i couldn't deny that it was all meant to be.

so here's the little tyke at 13 weeks. it was amazing to see how much bigger he/she was then the other even just a few weeks later

and this is the last one we got before we headed out to boston at 14 weeks. not a profile shot but a semi-scary looking face shot... but cute right???

like i mentioned in the last post we are bursting with love and gratitude for the Lord and his mercy and also for all of the love, support and faith from loved ones.