Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cape Cod

At the end of this last October we joined some friends at a house down in Cape Cod for a short weekend (because beau had to be back to teach his sunbeams sunday morning). What took us there was the Cape Cod half marathon. I agonized over not being able to participate in the race- the same feelings I had in St. George at the marathon- but am happy to be on hiatus to grow the little bean currently kicking my ribs rather vigorously.

Cape Cod was gorgeous and exactly what you expect and want it to be. Very New England. The house we stayed in what so much fun and we had a blast getting to know all of the couples that were there.

The course ran on the road right in front of our place so after I heard the gun go off I rolled out of bed in my PJ's to catch the action.

Bryan showing his stuff at mile 3 while he was still feelin good.

and again at mile 13....that's what 10 miles will do to you :)

 Get krunk stay krunk

The home we stayed in

 the whole crew. we could not have asked for better weather. which was lucky because frankenstorm hit the next day for the marathon runners

 loves bein naked

 who wouldn't have a hearty bowl of clam chowder after running 13 miles? i think a few of them paid for this later

 a walk on the beach

don't we all wish we could have catherine's amazing natural hair color? such a beauty.
 like i said, he loves being naked

Posing for Bryan the photographer. This is what happens when Beau and Bryan get together. Beau's maturity suddenly plummets to that of a 10 year old boy. There is no telling how far he will go. 

Can't wait to spend more time down at the cape! Thanks for letting us tag along NH crew!

Friday, November 9, 2012

a little bit of fall

the new england fall this year did NOT disappoint. there was the perfect amount of "crispness" in the air without being too cold and the leaves were absolutely stunning. all of that to the backdrop of new england churches, cemetery's and colonial architecture  made every outing blissful. it exponentially increased the rate at which i'm falling in love with this place.

being unemployed definitely came in handy during the season when i made every fall treat possible including but not limited to pumpkin bars, apple crisp (from apples i picked), raspberry jam, cinnamon rolls and candy apples. visiting all of the local farms, orchards and pumpkin patches was the perfect way to soak in the fall in all it's annual glory!

Wilson Farms-one of many farms we visited

anyone who knows me knows i will travel far for a good doughnut :)


 26 weeks..i think

Play date at Forrest Hill's Cemetery

I will leave you with a quick preview of Salem which myself and a few ladies visited the day after Frankenstorm Sandy hit. We were all stir crazy and wanted to see Salem before Halloween.

The Cemetery

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

home again home again

over conference weekend i was able to return to the motherland of utah valley for some r&r, a marathon and a few baby showers. it was fun to be with family again, cheer on my amazing sister and to be joined last minute by beau for the weekend. we packed in all the action we could since we don't know at this point when we will be returning. it made for a good excuse to be very indulgent :)

who can resist coming home to that view?? it was a nice welcome back present along with the horrendous allergies that plagued me from the second i got off the plane. it would be an understatement to say that i had Kleenexes shoved up my nose the entire time.

i completely forgot to pull out my camera at the first shower my mom threw for me and i am so sad i don't have any pictures to share. it was so much fun! every time i have had a shower i am always baffled at how nice people are. who just gives someone a present who they've met once or maybe never met just cause we're family??  it's amazing.  below are pictures from the amazing shower my super cool sis-in-law julie threw for me for beau's side of the family. once again the generosity about knocked me off my feet!

aunt heather and my beautiful mother in law becky

the matriarch of the whole jewkes clan Lucille. 

my angel mama

julie's sweet baby ezra

julie made sure all of my favorite treats were there including tangy laffy taffy :) it was so thoughtful and my eyes were in disbelief when i saw the spread

on friday we headed down to st. george to watch my sister lara and beau's brother in law jim run the marathon. lara ran in my place so i actually had to be there to pick up the packet. i was so jealous to not be running but it made me more determined to do one again someday.

waiting at the half way point

jo and baby ezra snuggling at the finish line. i love siya's little face creepin in on the bottom

i ran with lara the last few miles and was so impressed  with how composed she was. 2 years ago when i ran it i was an emotional and physical wreck by mile 22. kind of embarrassing. she did so amazing i was/am so proud of her!

loved playing with this little munchkin

in between sessions on sunday we decided to drive the alpine loop (along with the rest of utah county) and quickly changed our mind when we saw the fee that was charged by the booth. but that's ok cause we still got to go to sundance and see many many beautiful breathtaking views.

siya turned one while i was there and so we got to be there for the celebration. she has had so many good examples of eating from her older siblings that she had no problem digging into her cake and demolishing the whole thing. i love that part of 1st birthdays.

 all the kiddo's about to let balloons go for siya's birthday

my last adventure was raspberry picking in payson. this is always one of my favorite things every year because  the area is so beautiful and yet relatively a short drive form provo. the kids can run around, the dogs can roll in poop :) and you can take in the beautiful scenery. this trip the raspberries ended up being for free since it was later in the season. score!

brucey boy and kate hanging out in the car waiting for us to finish. love them.

siya was a trooper in her stroller the whole time

 siya and her mama

josephine "pheen" giving me lots of attitude this photo shoot

it was so much fun spending time in the good ole beehive state. lots of food was consumed and i think i'm safe to say that many memories were made. next time i go back there i'll have a baby on my hip! weird.