Sunday, September 25, 2011

san diego

this was probably way to long ago to post about but none the less here i go!

we went down to encinitas to visit our good friends the lanshe's (pronouced lan- shee) who were doing an internship and now a job down there. beau and i have both spent pretty much no time down in san diego and didn't really have expectations but it was soooo fun. the area is so beautiful, the beach is perfect and the sleepy beach town was fun to walk around and explore.

we drove down after our mormon night at dodgers stadium and got to the house about 11 pm. i was so tired but we of course stayed up talking with them till who knows when. the next morning we got on our beach stuff and headed down to a restaurant that i dont know the name of. all i remember is it was packed and their pancakes were the size of manholes. but of course..very good. after stuffing our faces we had to get in our bathing suits (it's my favorite thing to do after i've eaten way too much i really have a food baby).

i think it was a holiday weekend because the beach was packed as well (but don't worry we got a good spot). we laid out, boogie boarded and body surfed. i put on sunscreen but apparently not enough as you can see from the pics below. beau didn't put any on, on purpose cause he has very few opportunities to truly soak up the sun since starting his full time job.. i know i know he's asking for it.

we packed up and headed back to the house where we played ping pong, around the world and swam in kristin's parents killer swimming pool equipped with a custom rock slide that is so fun that its borderline dangerous. after cleaning up we headed back out for dinner and a stroll around encinitas. ice cream...mmmm. mexican food....mmmm. i'm starting to feel like homer simpson.

we finished up our saturday night by once again getting in our bathing suits and and wrinkling our fingers in the hot tub while we watched rango on the computer. a perfect ending to a nearly perfect san diego day. ( i say nearly because of course i got fried like a lobster).

i promise we'll come crash at your house again lanshe's...just wait for the knock on the door! oh and thanks for the awesome weekend!