Thursday, December 1, 2011


when i started school down here in l.a. in september a new commute was added to my time of being in the car and i couldn't find new music fast enough to keep me entertained so what did i do??...something i never thought would happen... i started listening to talk radio. (gasp) mainly NPR because the other stations just have too many commercials. i will say that it makes my drive go by faster and is a great way to stay informed of whats going on even if sometimes its depressing.

the first story on the air this morning was about women who are angry because society hasn't educated them that their fertility decreases exponentially with age...HELLO????!!! it interviewed a specific woman who at the age of 41 after a very successful career as a violinist was seeing a fertility specialist with her husband and was shocked when he laid out her fertility prognosis. the reporter mentioned that there is no government organization that pushes education of fertility for women (like this would solve the problem). and this is where i wanted to pick up my phone and call the reporter or the woman being interviewed and give them a piece of my mind. i reevaluated and figured that my blog can be my outlet for now.

it is moments like this, that i am so grateful for my mother and what she taught me about the importance of raising a family and the joy it brings. i am also grateful for a prophet and a church that emphasizes this as well. i don't have to be dependent on a government to tell me that if i i want to have children i shouldn't wait till i'm forty. and although some super women have a very successful career and have children most have to choose and sadly more and more women are choosing to wait till its too late. i could go on and on about what else was talked about in the story but that would be boring. i will end by saying that although i would love to get graduate degrees and have a successful nursing career, i would give up anything to be a mother and raise children. and i don't need a government agency to raise my awareness of this.

(this is not my daughter but my sweet little niece lauren)

i'll get off my soap box now.

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