Thursday, November 17, 2011


life has been crazy lately.
if i'm not swamped with school projects and work. i'm planning/attending many YW activities (i love my beehives) or rushing to complete my independent study course- which includes lots and lots of reading.

beau has been on a case that has pushed and stretched his physical, mental, emotional abilities like nothing else (he would argue his mission did it more but i wasn't around for that so we'll stick with this). i have spent many nights going to bed alone and waking up at 4 am still alone. beau will come staggering in an hour later and then wake up for a client meeting at 6 am. i don't know how he does it but i guess the junior core at BYU has prepared him with more then an accounting degree. not to mention on fridays after we play i get ready for bed and he goes back to the office to work till the wee hours of the morning..there has literally been no relief.

we have learned to value going to bed together, eating home cooked meals at our apartment. (if beau works past nine which has been every night for the last few months LEK provides funds for dinner which leads to me not cooking and us getting fat and sick of eating out. although we have come up with some creative ways to use the money...i dont know if i should publish those) our mindset has changed to a good night being together before 9 pM and overall since august i have seen very little of my man.

so..... imagine our thrill when last night after one of the final client meetings beau met me at home after work at 530!! we finished a home cooked dinner before 7, walked to starbucks and got some hot chocolate and made our way to barnes and nobles where we read our favorite christmas books. we then went to a friends house to borrow a good christmas flick and went home snuggled and fell asleep. it is amazing how tough times increases your gratitude and appreciation for one another.

we found out that the client bought another 8 WEEKS of work from them! bring it on LEK!

and just for of our first date...i can't believe this was 3 years ago this month.

ask anyone that was there and i totally kicked beaus trash in the summo fight

i was MORTIFIED when they made me kiss his cheek for this picture

so much love has come from this one date!