Thursday, July 28, 2011

getty love

as much as i would love a baby right now, one perk of being childless is that you can do so many fun things at a moments notice without having to really plan. not that you can't be adventurous with kids...i'm just sayin.

one saturday evening earlier this summer we were sitting around trying to figure out if we were too tired to drive over to the beach and too poor to go see a movie or grab some grub and concluded the affirmative to both. however i did not want to waste a perfectly good saturday sitting in our apt together watching another $1.09 redbox. (i am a huge fan but you have to set a limit). so we decided to take advantage of something free we had heard about in the area.

my blog may start turning into a perpetual advertisement for the city of LA but hey the gots lots to offer. every saturday after 5 pm at the Getty museum parking is free! (the getty museum is always free but parking is $15) so from 5-9 you can bring food and lounge around the beautiful gardens and look at the different exhibits for free! the Getty is a popular attraction in LA but as we discovered on this trip, it lives up to it's reputation. it is so beautiful inside and out. every piece of the architecture, sidewalks, gardens has a very obvious artistic element to it.

we visited cuban photography and french interior design exhibits.

this is beau's impression of what brad womack (the bachelor) would probably do if he was there being filmed.

and just for old times sake.......

Monday, July 25, 2011

why am i such a bad blogger? is it because i'm lazy, shy, too busy? maybe a combination of several factors contribute to why i allow long lapses between posts and maybe it will never change...we'll see. this summer has been jam packed with lots of fun stuff. so instead of doing a dump of events and information like i usually do, i will tell about things one event at a time.

starting us off:

i would first like to thank becky my amazing mother in law for the twinner Georgia sweatshirts she sent us for our birthdays. they are so comfortable and we usually both end up taking ours when we go out and need a jacket so we look like twins. partners in crime if you will.

a fun aspect we have enjoyed this summer in LA is first friday. LA is known for it's food trucks that drive around town with different gourmet grub. you can follow your favorite truck on twitter or just online to see where they are parked for lunch or dinner. but the first friday of every month, they all gather in a parking lot down in venice beach which attracts all kinds of fun entertainers, booths and interesting people. (especially in venice). needless to say there seems to be no end to the variety of food available at this event. everything from gourmet grilled cheese to sliders, to ice cream sandwhiches to korean bbq to waffles, hamburgers and everything in between that your heart may desire.

our method of attack is to get small portions from many different trucks so we can try all the variety. mmm my mouth is watering just sitting here thinking about it. our favorite and a popular truck is Kogi. we had heard this stop was good and were expecting good but not THAT good. i am hear to bear testimony that it was some of the most amazing food i have ever put into my mouth. so if you live in LA or southern california for that matter or just happen to be around for the first friday of the month, you don't want to miss food truck friday! you will have a party in your mouth.