Thursday, June 9, 2011

i love L.A.

just a peak at some of the fun we've been having in L.A.

baby josephine is in a very cute stage right now and loves attention as you can see in this video.
p.s. you can also hear my dads opinion of the movie tangled if you listen closely

and this is how awesome my mom is at cranium

Sunday, June 5, 2011

1 year

as i mentioned in the previous post, beau and i celebrated our 1 year anniversary 2 days after i got back from tonga (may 26). and how could we not celebrate the end of our separation as well...needless to say beau planned an amazing week for me. i am one lucky girl.

the day we actually celebrated was friday may 28. he had told me multiple times to be ready to walk out the door at 530 in my finest evening attire. he kept saying "i'm takin you for a night on the town baby!" kinda like EVERY TIME we go to a movie he says "we're goin to the silver screen!!" or some variation. well of course this was probably the first day since i've been down here that jobless me was actually busy. i had to do some grocery shopping in the morning, was asked last minute by the Sister missionaries to accompany them to a discussion, and anxiously awaited the arrival of my bestie michelle and her husband to spend the afternoon at the beach. and of course i didn't get back to my apartment to get ready for our "night on the town" till around 5 (straight from the beach). beau was already home getting ready and i played it off like i would be ready in plenty of time to make our reservation. around 600 we strolled up to our fancy little italian restaurant. it was yummy!

our appetizer- antipasta. we were full of just that, it was so good.

after dinner the surprise continued because beau would not tell me where we were going next. not till we literally walked up to the will call office did i know what we were going to see. but when i did i was so excited.....

the ballet!

the first guy i asked to take this picture looked at my like i was crazy for 5 seconds and then said "i don't know how to operate that machine"
how presumptuous of me.

it was absolutely beautiful and we had killer seats! 6th row! the whole time i was whispering into beaus ear trying to help him appreciate it a little bit more. he did fall asleep at one point but i can't blame him he had woken up at 430 the morning of for a work phone call.

a present he unveiled during intermission

afterwards we hit up the 711 and found a roller blading crew at a pit stop. you can't really capture the greatness of it in this picture but they were super hard core. i wanna join.

at the end of a wonderful "night on the town" to celebrate one year! i love you beau!

and just for your personal enjoyment purposes. a homeless man standing in front of a freeway entrance talking on his cell phone. anyone seen Yes Man?