Tuesday, May 31, 2011


say hello to a permanent resident of Los Angeles California! hello. i arrived back from tonga on may 24 and am not looking back- except to show you all the wonderful pictures i took while i was in the south pacific. 11 other students, my instructor and her husband and i started the journey in LAX on may 1st and definitely had a blast! The pictures are in reverse because i don't know how to work blogger but it will have to do.

mainly pictures with captions: (what can i say it's just my style)

Whitney and I at the hindu temple in fiji where we stopped for a day on our way back to the U.S.
Me on the beach in paradise..i mean fiji

a boat so rusty it should be at the bottom of th ocean in the tongan harbor

all of us on a boat ride around the main island

the blow holes= some of the biggest waves i've ever seen

andrea and i at the blow holes

sunset from the plane leaving vavau

caves that when you jumped in the water the algae lit up

all of us on a sand bar in the middle of no where and the velvet sand

I loves beau

performing blood pressure screenings on the beach

the woman and baby boy i labored with afrom 1 am to 9 am and helped deliver

teeth brushing

methodist church feast..quite the experience

beautiful sunset on vavau

an undershirt that we could all clearly see up on stage. i had to get a pic. turns out hes a member of the church. perfect.

i got invited to be apart of the kava ceremony at the tongan cultural center. my tongue was numb.

gigantic natural arch. looks way bigger in real life.

andrea and i at the most beautiful cilffs. straight out of pride and prejiduce.

our 8 seater plane we took to the island of eua

most of us together on mothers day. sickness (giardia) plagued 10/12 of us. it was bad news

shelly our instructor on mothers day

at a health fair in the market, Tongatapu

Laurie and I at the beach

Deeeena and me

At viola hospital

Tonga Temple

First day of clinical

Where we stayed at the Liahona school

Just off the plane in fiji

since i've been home (LA) beau and i have been spending a lot of time together and celebrated our 1 year anniversary ..more on that later.