Thursday, April 28, 2011


well, i fixed my blog finally. if any of you three people that may look at this blog were wondering where i went? the question you should have been asking was where did my husband go. because technically he is the reason for my blogging hiatus. so just like the other 95% of my blog, this post is going to be an update on our lives and what has been happening.

on dec 5 to be precise i dropped my companion of 7 months off at the airport where he got on a plane to boston. what was he doing in boston you ask? being taught at a two week training about how to be the best L.E.K. employee he could be. what is LEK you ask? the name of his new job! after the 2 week training in boston he flew out to start his job in the los angeles office. we knew this was coming for a year before when he accepted the job and we also knew that there must be opposition in all things which meant... separation. the common conversation i had with people went something like this:

person: did you say your husband lives in LA?
Person: oh so does he go to school down there?
me: no he works
person: where does he work?
me: he works for a strategy consulting firm called LEK consulting
person: (blank stare)
me: ya i didn't know what any of those words meant before i started dating my husband either
person: so you are up here! is that really hard???
me: ya it is but it's ok (i never quite knew how to explain it to people)
person: so how often do you see each other?
me: i go down there about every other weekend
person: wow your really brave.
me: i guess

variations of the conversation above happened at least on a weekly basis reminding me of my "hard" situation. although it WAS very hard, it was also many other things as well. like, confusing, expensive and lonely. but, we did it! aside from the nursing trip i'm taking to tonga for a month starting may 1 we will not have to be apart anymore. hallelujah!

the new question is: was it worth it? was it worth the money (plane flights), tears, not having a social life here or there, spending hours on skype and pleading with him to let me just quit and fly down there right that second? and i can honestly say that it was worth getting my degree. even though i have my last semester that i'm doing down here in LA before i'm done, i can now tell myself that i can do hard things.

on a different note, LA has been such a blast so far, we love our apartment, ward, job, friends, the beach, the shopping and even the traffic (Not) and we both can't wait for what fun things are out there ready to be explored. more on all that later. adios.

(list of famous people seen so far: Dr. Stark on greys anatomy, Jack Black, James Franco, Ernie Hudson, Jamie oliver (naked chef))

clubbing with coworkers