Thursday, December 1, 2011


when i started school down here in l.a. in september a new commute was added to my time of being in the car and i couldn't find new music fast enough to keep me entertained so what did i do??...something i never thought would happen... i started listening to talk radio. (gasp) mainly NPR because the other stations just have too many commercials. i will say that it makes my drive go by faster and is a great way to stay informed of whats going on even if sometimes its depressing.

the first story on the air this morning was about women who are angry because society hasn't educated them that their fertility decreases exponentially with age...HELLO????!!! it interviewed a specific woman who at the age of 41 after a very successful career as a violinist was seeing a fertility specialist with her husband and was shocked when he laid out her fertility prognosis. the reporter mentioned that there is no government organization that pushes education of fertility for women (like this would solve the problem). and this is where i wanted to pick up my phone and call the reporter or the woman being interviewed and give them a piece of my mind. i reevaluated and figured that my blog can be my outlet for now.

it is moments like this, that i am so grateful for my mother and what she taught me about the importance of raising a family and the joy it brings. i am also grateful for a prophet and a church that emphasizes this as well. i don't have to be dependent on a government to tell me that if i i want to have children i shouldn't wait till i'm forty. and although some super women have a very successful career and have children most have to choose and sadly more and more women are choosing to wait till its too late. i could go on and on about what else was talked about in the story but that would be boring. i will end by saying that although i would love to get graduate degrees and have a successful nursing career, i would give up anything to be a mother and raise children. and i don't need a government agency to raise my awareness of this.

(this is not my daughter but my sweet little niece lauren)

i'll get off my soap box now.

jewkes reunion june 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011


life has been crazy lately.
if i'm not swamped with school projects and work. i'm planning/attending many YW activities (i love my beehives) or rushing to complete my independent study course- which includes lots and lots of reading.

beau has been on a case that has pushed and stretched his physical, mental, emotional abilities like nothing else (he would argue his mission did it more but i wasn't around for that so we'll stick with this). i have spent many nights going to bed alone and waking up at 4 am still alone. beau will come staggering in an hour later and then wake up for a client meeting at 6 am. i don't know how he does it but i guess the junior core at BYU has prepared him with more then an accounting degree. not to mention on fridays after we play i get ready for bed and he goes back to the office to work till the wee hours of the morning..there has literally been no relief.

we have learned to value going to bed together, eating home cooked meals at our apartment. (if beau works past nine which has been every night for the last few months LEK provides funds for dinner which leads to me not cooking and us getting fat and sick of eating out. although we have come up with some creative ways to use the money...i dont know if i should publish those) our mindset has changed to a good night being together before 9 pM and overall since august i have seen very little of my man.

so..... imagine our thrill when last night after one of the final client meetings beau met me at home after work at 530!! we finished a home cooked dinner before 7, walked to starbucks and got some hot chocolate and made our way to barnes and nobles where we read our favorite christmas books. we then went to a friends house to borrow a good christmas flick and went home snuggled and fell asleep. it is amazing how tough times increases your gratitude and appreciation for one another.

we found out that the client bought another 8 WEEKS of work from them! bring it on LEK!

and just for of our first date...i can't believe this was 3 years ago this month.

ask anyone that was there and i totally kicked beaus trash in the summo fight

i was MORTIFIED when they made me kiss his cheek for this picture

so much love has come from this one date!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

san diego

this was probably way to long ago to post about but none the less here i go!

we went down to encinitas to visit our good friends the lanshe's (pronouced lan- shee) who were doing an internship and now a job down there. beau and i have both spent pretty much no time down in san diego and didn't really have expectations but it was soooo fun. the area is so beautiful, the beach is perfect and the sleepy beach town was fun to walk around and explore.

we drove down after our mormon night at dodgers stadium and got to the house about 11 pm. i was so tired but we of course stayed up talking with them till who knows when. the next morning we got on our beach stuff and headed down to a restaurant that i dont know the name of. all i remember is it was packed and their pancakes were the size of manholes. but of course..very good. after stuffing our faces we had to get in our bathing suits (it's my favorite thing to do after i've eaten way too much i really have a food baby).

i think it was a holiday weekend because the beach was packed as well (but don't worry we got a good spot). we laid out, boogie boarded and body surfed. i put on sunscreen but apparently not enough as you can see from the pics below. beau didn't put any on, on purpose cause he has very few opportunities to truly soak up the sun since starting his full time job.. i know i know he's asking for it.

we packed up and headed back to the house where we played ping pong, around the world and swam in kristin's parents killer swimming pool equipped with a custom rock slide that is so fun that its borderline dangerous. after cleaning up we headed back out for dinner and a stroll around encinitas. ice cream...mmmm. mexican food....mmmm. i'm starting to feel like homer simpson.

we finished up our saturday night by once again getting in our bathing suits and and wrinkling our fingers in the hot tub while we watched rango on the computer. a perfect ending to a nearly perfect san diego day. ( i say nearly because of course i got fried like a lobster).

i promise we'll come crash at your house again lanshe's...just wait for the knock on the door! oh and thanks for the awesome weekend!

Friday, August 19, 2011

it's 9:45 on friday night and i'm sitting on my couch while my husband snoozes with his book laying on his chest. what started out as a great night with a picnic up in beverly hills and celebrity mansion hunting suddenly took a turn for the worst when i instigated an argument for him wanting to take me to anthropologie (long story and of course very stupid). in a huff i turned the car around to go home, we then did the dishes in silence and i plopped down on the couch with the computer on my lap. letting my pride fester inside of me i coldly brushed off outreaches of love from him and he eventually resigned to reading catching fire on the couch next to me.

i don't share this store because i'm dying to expose the inner workings of my marriage or what a beast of a wife i am, but as an example to me of why the Lord blesses his children with trials. its not even an hour after beau has fallen asleep and i already see so clearly my foolish pride and unfounded anger at him. i ruined a precious weekend night because of my PRIDE. certain trials we as a family have been facing lately have caused me to ask the forbidden question of "why me?" "why of all hardships did you give this to me/us? " and as i sat here tonight reflecting on my silly behavior it hit me like a ton of bricks. it wasn't any new information but a thought given to me by the Holy Ghost that trials humble us and make us more like the savior if we let them. they get rid of the "stiffneckedness" i perfectly exemplified tonight. they strip our pride and force us to rely on the Lord in all things. in my short life of experiences i have found trials act as a catalyst to my testimony of Jesus Christ. so although i have learned my lesson this time, i am positive i will have to learn it in many new and different ways in the future. that i must look to the Lord in all things including insurmountable odds or agonizing pain and recognize the divine potential and change that takes place in the heart as a result.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

getty love

as much as i would love a baby right now, one perk of being childless is that you can do so many fun things at a moments notice without having to really plan. not that you can't be adventurous with kids...i'm just sayin.

one saturday evening earlier this summer we were sitting around trying to figure out if we were too tired to drive over to the beach and too poor to go see a movie or grab some grub and concluded the affirmative to both. however i did not want to waste a perfectly good saturday sitting in our apt together watching another $1.09 redbox. (i am a huge fan but you have to set a limit). so we decided to take advantage of something free we had heard about in the area.

my blog may start turning into a perpetual advertisement for the city of LA but hey the gots lots to offer. every saturday after 5 pm at the Getty museum parking is free! (the getty museum is always free but parking is $15) so from 5-9 you can bring food and lounge around the beautiful gardens and look at the different exhibits for free! the Getty is a popular attraction in LA but as we discovered on this trip, it lives up to it's reputation. it is so beautiful inside and out. every piece of the architecture, sidewalks, gardens has a very obvious artistic element to it.

we visited cuban photography and french interior design exhibits.

this is beau's impression of what brad womack (the bachelor) would probably do if he was there being filmed.

and just for old times sake.......

Monday, July 25, 2011

why am i such a bad blogger? is it because i'm lazy, shy, too busy? maybe a combination of several factors contribute to why i allow long lapses between posts and maybe it will never change...we'll see. this summer has been jam packed with lots of fun stuff. so instead of doing a dump of events and information like i usually do, i will tell about things one event at a time.

starting us off:

i would first like to thank becky my amazing mother in law for the twinner Georgia sweatshirts she sent us for our birthdays. they are so comfortable and we usually both end up taking ours when we go out and need a jacket so we look like twins. partners in crime if you will.

a fun aspect we have enjoyed this summer in LA is first friday. LA is known for it's food trucks that drive around town with different gourmet grub. you can follow your favorite truck on twitter or just online to see where they are parked for lunch or dinner. but the first friday of every month, they all gather in a parking lot down in venice beach which attracts all kinds of fun entertainers, booths and interesting people. (especially in venice). needless to say there seems to be no end to the variety of food available at this event. everything from gourmet grilled cheese to sliders, to ice cream sandwhiches to korean bbq to waffles, hamburgers and everything in between that your heart may desire.

our method of attack is to get small portions from many different trucks so we can try all the variety. mmm my mouth is watering just sitting here thinking about it. our favorite and a popular truck is Kogi. we had heard this stop was good and were expecting good but not THAT good. i am hear to bear testimony that it was some of the most amazing food i have ever put into my mouth. so if you live in LA or southern california for that matter or just happen to be around for the first friday of the month, you don't want to miss food truck friday! you will have a party in your mouth.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

i love L.A.

just a peak at some of the fun we've been having in L.A.

baby josephine is in a very cute stage right now and loves attention as you can see in this video.
p.s. you can also hear my dads opinion of the movie tangled if you listen closely

and this is how awesome my mom is at cranium

Sunday, June 5, 2011

1 year

as i mentioned in the previous post, beau and i celebrated our 1 year anniversary 2 days after i got back from tonga (may 26). and how could we not celebrate the end of our separation as well...needless to say beau planned an amazing week for me. i am one lucky girl.

the day we actually celebrated was friday may 28. he had told me multiple times to be ready to walk out the door at 530 in my finest evening attire. he kept saying "i'm takin you for a night on the town baby!" kinda like EVERY TIME we go to a movie he says "we're goin to the silver screen!!" or some variation. well of course this was probably the first day since i've been down here that jobless me was actually busy. i had to do some grocery shopping in the morning, was asked last minute by the Sister missionaries to accompany them to a discussion, and anxiously awaited the arrival of my bestie michelle and her husband to spend the afternoon at the beach. and of course i didn't get back to my apartment to get ready for our "night on the town" till around 5 (straight from the beach). beau was already home getting ready and i played it off like i would be ready in plenty of time to make our reservation. around 600 we strolled up to our fancy little italian restaurant. it was yummy!

our appetizer- antipasta. we were full of just that, it was so good.

after dinner the surprise continued because beau would not tell me where we were going next. not till we literally walked up to the will call office did i know what we were going to see. but when i did i was so excited.....

the ballet!

the first guy i asked to take this picture looked at my like i was crazy for 5 seconds and then said "i don't know how to operate that machine"
how presumptuous of me.

it was absolutely beautiful and we had killer seats! 6th row! the whole time i was whispering into beaus ear trying to help him appreciate it a little bit more. he did fall asleep at one point but i can't blame him he had woken up at 430 the morning of for a work phone call.

a present he unveiled during intermission

afterwards we hit up the 711 and found a roller blading crew at a pit stop. you can't really capture the greatness of it in this picture but they were super hard core. i wanna join.

at the end of a wonderful "night on the town" to celebrate one year! i love you beau!

and just for your personal enjoyment purposes. a homeless man standing in front of a freeway entrance talking on his cell phone. anyone seen Yes Man?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


say hello to a permanent resident of Los Angeles California! hello. i arrived back from tonga on may 24 and am not looking back- except to show you all the wonderful pictures i took while i was in the south pacific. 11 other students, my instructor and her husband and i started the journey in LAX on may 1st and definitely had a blast! The pictures are in reverse because i don't know how to work blogger but it will have to do.

mainly pictures with captions: (what can i say it's just my style)

Whitney and I at the hindu temple in fiji where we stopped for a day on our way back to the U.S.
Me on the beach in paradise..i mean fiji

a boat so rusty it should be at the bottom of th ocean in the tongan harbor

all of us on a boat ride around the main island

the blow holes= some of the biggest waves i've ever seen

andrea and i at the blow holes

sunset from the plane leaving vavau

caves that when you jumped in the water the algae lit up

all of us on a sand bar in the middle of no where and the velvet sand

I loves beau

performing blood pressure screenings on the beach

the woman and baby boy i labored with afrom 1 am to 9 am and helped deliver

teeth brushing

methodist church feast..quite the experience

beautiful sunset on vavau

an undershirt that we could all clearly see up on stage. i had to get a pic. turns out hes a member of the church. perfect.

i got invited to be apart of the kava ceremony at the tongan cultural center. my tongue was numb.

gigantic natural arch. looks way bigger in real life.

andrea and i at the most beautiful cilffs. straight out of pride and prejiduce.

our 8 seater plane we took to the island of eua

most of us together on mothers day. sickness (giardia) plagued 10/12 of us. it was bad news

shelly our instructor on mothers day

at a health fair in the market, Tongatapu

Laurie and I at the beach

Deeeena and me

At viola hospital

Tonga Temple

First day of clinical

Where we stayed at the Liahona school

Just off the plane in fiji

since i've been home (LA) beau and i have been spending a lot of time together and celebrated our 1 year anniversary ..more on that later.