Monday, August 23, 2010

lesson learned

this last week beaus mom and sister were in town for Education Week at BYU. it was sooo fun to have them in town and i'll admit that we went out to eat almost every night. it wasn't so hot for beaus "anorexic diet" that he recommits to every 2 weeks for fear of gaining the usual 15 pounds when you get married.

on thursday night we decided to have everyone over to our humble abode for hamburgers and other yummy summery food. it all turned out delicious and we ended up all talking in the living room untill about 10.
after everyone left beau and i started on the dishes (pretty much every dish in our kitchen was used) so after loading a very full dishwasher we were about to start it and a thought popped into my head. "the dishwasher is old and crappy, it is really full right now so maybe a sprinkle of dawn would help get the extra bit of grime off those cherry red plates"
as i begin to drizzle beau at the sink says " amy you shouldn't do that, it's really bad for the dishwasher, trus me i broke one once doing that". i brushed him off with a "oh i didin't put that much in we should be fine"

so we started the dishwasher and kept cleaning up we had jalapenos on our burgers that night and after i had cleaned them off with my hands i picked my nose (yes i'm an animal) and immediately my nose was on FIRE!!! i'm not kidding i have never had that kind of wierd pain before. i laid down on the couch with a wet kleenex up my nose and beau by my side comforting me when all the sudden i hear the dishwasher making a suspicious noise. beau walks over there and all i hear is "oh shoot" .

i scrambled up from the couch and behold suds spilling from the sides of the dishwasher. we quickly turned it off and luckily caught in time that we were able to clean most of the suds and water out into a bucket. after deciding to let it dry over night we go to bed and i look online for a solution to our problem of dawn in the dishwasher. it said to put cooking oil and salt into the dishwasher and run it on a few rinse cycles.

so that is precisely what i did the next morning. but being overly cautious i put in about a half bottle of oil. after the rinse part of a cycle comes the drying part and as i was sitting in my living room i smell something cooking. i knew it couldn't be my sis upstairs cause they were out of town and i look into the kitchen and see smoke filling up and the whole house smelled like one big deep fryer. i quickly turned it off and frantically opened windows so the smoke alarm wouldn't go off. what a disaster!!!!!!! so for now everytime we run the dishwasher it smells like we are frying something but it is slowly disappearing. and i will never forget that dawn and the dishwasher dont' mix. all of you new moms can learn from my stupid ways!

this bottle was full before i drenched the dishwasher in it....

p.s. look how long beaus hair is!!! (hottie biscotti with a naughty body) kickin it at matisyahu (which by the way was not half has good as he was in jerusalem) if i forget you...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

la jolla

last night beau and i decided to check out the new restaurant La Jolla Groves over in the currently demolished riverwoods mall.
we'd heard good things and it is from the creators of chef's table. we were lucky enough to have a FABULOUS server (one of my best friends) and everything we ate was really yummy. plus i'm a sucker for anything with a fun atmosphere. there are lemon trees with fake lemons and even a starry night sky above them...its like your outside or something.
i got chicken and potatoes and beau got chicken stuffed crepes (pronounced creepies) and they were both really good.
so this is my plug for the new restaurant- it's definitely worth a try!