Friday, February 19, 2010

i have a fy-anc!

last thursday on feb 11 i got engaged to the most loving person i've ever met! i seriously can't believe how patient and loving he is and now i officially get to blog about him since he's almost mine! :)'s the story: on monday of last week (the 8th) i got a text from jeremiah (beau) saying that he had gotten an e-mail from LEK (the firm he has a job with in LA and will be starting this coming dec.) saying that he had training the upcoming weekend and would leave on thursday and come back saturday at 1 pm. when i heard the news i tried to stay positive but seeing as how i had been pestering him about when we were gong to get officially engaged for a while i was so bumbed because i thought for sure it wouldn't happen. when i finally saw him that day (monday) he even showed me the e-mail with LEK letter head and everything so it was l-e-g-i-t. during the rest of the week i kept on with my pestering of when we wer going to get engaged and the only clue he would give me is that we were going on a date on saturday after he got back. so at that point i thought ok for sure then saturday.

thursday rolls around and beau "leaves". he calls me when he "got off the plane" and described to me how his taxi driver was iranian and such. i was totally convinced. that day after a long day at the hospital (clinicals) and work, i stopped by my parents house to get something to eat. i began talking to my mom and asked as i was leaving if beau had even asked my dad. my mom answered me with a convincing no and my heart sank. i was literally (that's for you jess) almost in tears because i knew that beau would not propse without asking my dad and i knew he had to do it in person and he wouldnt have a chance after he got back on saturday at 1 and before our date. so of course i called him to ask what the heck happened. all he could say was "amy just trust me".

a few days earlier michelle (my friend who works up at sundance) texted me to ask if i wanted to go to dinner with her and maddie (my other friend) after she was done with her shift on thurday. that sounded like fun until thursday actually rolled around and i had so much homework and didnt think i was going. but with some persistence from beau i went. maddie and i drove up the canyon to the beautiful resort tucked away in the bosom of mt. timpanogas and i had an inkling that this was no ordinary night.

we got to the foundry grill and the hostess explained that michelle was over at the barn having a consult with her caterer (shes having her reception there in may) and that it would be a second so to meet her up there. we headed over there, maddie fell behind and i came upon a beautful trail of rose petals, candles and notes. each note i picked up and read was accompianied by a squeal and jump of excitement from me. at the end of the trail was my man dressed up surrounded by candles and rose petals. he proposed and i said YES! IT WAS SOOO AWESOME! we talked and cleaned up and went to dinner at the grill.

over dinner he told me that he had dessert planned somewhere else. immediately i thought his cabin up there at sundance but he insisited it wasn't. after dinner we made our way into the mountain above sundance and pulled up to a cabin with lots of cars. it was my friend lauren magleby's super nice cabin and all my close friends and fmaily were waiting inside to celebrate! it was so perfect! i really can't believe that i have a ring on my finger but i am loving the planning and already have a dress :)

At laurens cabin

Monday, February 1, 2010


ever since i set up my bank account at uccu years ago i have always avoided going on line and checking my balance. i don't know why but there's something cursed to me about checking how much money you REALLLY have in your account. this morning i cracked and finally checked it after my attitude of non-inhibited-spending in jerusalem and was reminded why i hate it when i saw a mere $225.21 left to my name...what gives??