Wednesday, December 8, 2010

how i feel

although i will be with "my baby" on actual christmas day, this is how i feel this christmas... it just doesn't feel like christmas without my love.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

locks of love

beaus hair is officially long enough to comfortably fit into a pony tail. let it rage baby!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

since getting married i have developed a habit of not shutting the door when i use the bathroom. its so much faster and no need. right? however, this has lead to some very embarrassing close calls in public and semi-public bathrooms. i feel like i'm 4 again.

Monday, September 27, 2010

brandon flowers

i am now anticipating the arrival of two tickets in the mail to this guys show. my excitement can hardly be contained!

i wish it was the killers but i'll take what i can get. his solo album aint half bad.

Friday, September 24, 2010

what sweeter music

the new love in my life is the 2nd floor of the library: music section. i've known about this addition to the harold for a while but have never taken the venture down the steps instead of up when finding my way to a study spot. but since i have, my studies have been enriched with classical piano, symphonies, guitar, quartets, choirs, mozart, brahms, bach, rachmoninoff, ralph vaughan williams, debussy and even movie themes. no more pandora for me. this place has the music my clouded brain needs to clear and smell the fresh air of the LIBRARY!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

school has sprung??

School time is here and as much as I have been dreading it, I have to admit that it is a bit exciting. I have begun my last year at BYU...wierd, and I am also married...very wierd. It feels like there are a million more people here this fall and it is kind of driving me crazy. I hate not having my love on campus with me so that will be a transition as well but all in all I am verrry excited to conquer my 17.5 credits...what was i thinking.

p.s. BYU is going independent?? what gives?

p.s.s. a year ago i had just arrived here..

sniff sniff

Monday, August 23, 2010

lesson learned

this last week beaus mom and sister were in town for Education Week at BYU. it was sooo fun to have them in town and i'll admit that we went out to eat almost every night. it wasn't so hot for beaus "anorexic diet" that he recommits to every 2 weeks for fear of gaining the usual 15 pounds when you get married.

on thursday night we decided to have everyone over to our humble abode for hamburgers and other yummy summery food. it all turned out delicious and we ended up all talking in the living room untill about 10.
after everyone left beau and i started on the dishes (pretty much every dish in our kitchen was used) so after loading a very full dishwasher we were about to start it and a thought popped into my head. "the dishwasher is old and crappy, it is really full right now so maybe a sprinkle of dawn would help get the extra bit of grime off those cherry red plates"
as i begin to drizzle beau at the sink says " amy you shouldn't do that, it's really bad for the dishwasher, trus me i broke one once doing that". i brushed him off with a "oh i didin't put that much in we should be fine"

so we started the dishwasher and kept cleaning up we had jalapenos on our burgers that night and after i had cleaned them off with my hands i picked my nose (yes i'm an animal) and immediately my nose was on FIRE!!! i'm not kidding i have never had that kind of wierd pain before. i laid down on the couch with a wet kleenex up my nose and beau by my side comforting me when all the sudden i hear the dishwasher making a suspicious noise. beau walks over there and all i hear is "oh shoot" .

i scrambled up from the couch and behold suds spilling from the sides of the dishwasher. we quickly turned it off and luckily caught in time that we were able to clean most of the suds and water out into a bucket. after deciding to let it dry over night we go to bed and i look online for a solution to our problem of dawn in the dishwasher. it said to put cooking oil and salt into the dishwasher and run it on a few rinse cycles.

so that is precisely what i did the next morning. but being overly cautious i put in about a half bottle of oil. after the rinse part of a cycle comes the drying part and as i was sitting in my living room i smell something cooking. i knew it couldn't be my sis upstairs cause they were out of town and i look into the kitchen and see smoke filling up and the whole house smelled like one big deep fryer. i quickly turned it off and frantically opened windows so the smoke alarm wouldn't go off. what a disaster!!!!!!! so for now everytime we run the dishwasher it smells like we are frying something but it is slowly disappearing. and i will never forget that dawn and the dishwasher dont' mix. all of you new moms can learn from my stupid ways!

this bottle was full before i drenched the dishwasher in it....

p.s. look how long beaus hair is!!! (hottie biscotti with a naughty body) kickin it at matisyahu (which by the way was not half has good as he was in jerusalem) if i forget you...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

la jolla

last night beau and i decided to check out the new restaurant La Jolla Groves over in the currently demolished riverwoods mall.
we'd heard good things and it is from the creators of chef's table. we were lucky enough to have a FABULOUS server (one of my best friends) and everything we ate was really yummy. plus i'm a sucker for anything with a fun atmosphere. there are lemon trees with fake lemons and even a starry night sky above them...its like your outside or something.
i got chicken and potatoes and beau got chicken stuffed crepes (pronounced creepies) and they were both really good.
so this is my plug for the new restaurant- it's definitely worth a try!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

s.u.m.m.e.r. (so far)

we've been doing so many fun things this summer and usually i don't get any pictures at all or just a few so here is a quick recap of fun things we've done so far this summer.

for beaus friend bryan's birthday a bunch of us went camping and it was sooo fun. one of our first few over-nighter activities with married peeps (+chris ricks)

the married crew
christopher in awe at the wonderful tinfoil dinner i put together for him. ( he is now engaged and miss rachel will be making his deener from now on)
the campfire -danibree can clearly not take the sunlight

the boys i

the bedroom

our last lunch as besties before michelle zoomed off to the AZ and is now being a wonderful homemaker (literally in a house...sniff...she's all grown up. i miss gopeds)

we went boating at utah lake (sorry guys its the best pic i got)

we watched the fireworks for the fourth of july (my favorite holiday and has no relation to the fact that it is the day before my birthday). we also were champs and camped out at the madhouse that is downtown provo the night of july third. i may or may not have yelled at people who were all up in our bizz.

beau loooooooves seth ( our new brother-in-law) :)

i also took not a first but second trip down to see my sister and her 3 kids in mission viejo california. ...what can i say, i'm obsessed. it was so much fun to be with them and i would go back in a hearbeat already. this is lu lu trying to be scary...and i'm here to tell you folks that the only time she's scary is when you take away her jesse (toy story) doll.

my sister put her in this onesy because we were about to leave the beach.
yes that is my 2 1/2 year old niece in a 3 month old onesy.
yes she really is that skinny and it makes her all the more adorable. her squeaky little pixie voice doesn't help either.

this is the youngest jo and she is the most beautiful baby! sorry caleb i didn't get a pic of you :(

our most recent adventure was a ellertson family anual reunion up in bear lake. my dads side of the family has been doing this beginning of time as i know it and it is always one of the funniest and funnest weekends of the year. not to mention everyone is always fried to a crisp no matter how many times they put on sunscreen. the days consist of playing in the water, the evenings of playing on the vast ammount of green lawn, and the late nights are consumed with texas hold em with jelly belly's (they can't read my poker face :)

these pictures were taken by and stolen from my very talented uncle larry, i brought my camera but was having too much fun to take it out and snap some shots, so thanks l.c.
getting ready to get worked on the water weenie

beau participating in the family games like a champ. of course he cheated and i cheered proudly.

the whole gang in our awesome shirts that my cousin hannah designed.

so now we are headed off to lake powell for a few days to enjoy the sun and some boating on the other end of the state (i know)! be back soon!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

buenos dias

our semi-surprise honeymoon to costa rica was perfect! and when i say perfect that means just enough play and just enough "relaxing". beau was keeping our honeymoon a secret and did a darn well good job until the day of the wedding when my forgetful brother mentioned it during a cheesy siblings picture...oh timmy. but that did not keep me from being like a 5 year old on christmas eve. i couldn't wait to get on a plane headed for a country that close to the equator (bring on the heat). and for those of you who don't know where costa rica is located on a map of central america like we didn't its just north of panama!!! rahrskies!

for a quick synopsis since i don't know how to make posting pictures faster: yes we had a smoothie and ice cream at every meal, yes i went through an entire box of coco crispies by myself, yes the sun is more intense the closer you get to the equator (so wear sunscreen), and yes i would go and relive it in a second. as for now tamarindo, playa conchal and hacienda panilla will have to wait but they are forever calling my name. anywho here are pics of our first vacation as a married pair.

Friday, July 2, 2010

push has come to shove

due to some demands i am going to blog about REAL stuff that has been happening in my life lately.

so first i will start with our new apartment: we moved into a basement in orem just north of old navey and tj max on university parkway. we've really lucked out because my dad owns the house and my amazing brother, sister in law and their three little monkeys live right above us and i never get enough of them (as is the case with all of my nieces and nephews). perks of living here: we have a yard, a garden, great neighbors, easy access to the freeway and lots of shopping, awesome ward, and cheap rent. the only negatives are: we live in a basement which automatically makes things 20 degrees colder and since i was recently diagnosed with cold blooded disease i am ALWAYS cold. the second is the weird arrangement of the electrical outlets. the kitchen only has one, the living room has 2 on the same wall.....were spending all of our money on extension chords.

and now for your virtual tour:

our bed (beaus really understanding of how girly it is)

kitchen table and chairs from grandma jewkes (free.99 ladies and gents)

the flat screen i won at a raffle- thank you byu business school

creamsicle chair and couch - also from grandma jewkes

the piano my sister left that is allowing me to rake in the cash teaching piano lessons.

this it the room i just can't seem to conquer...why is organizing your entire wardrobe so intimidating?

this is beaus face on basically the first meal i have cooked since we've been married..very encouraging.

stay tuned for updates about our priceless honeymoon to costa rica! (said with a rolled "r")

Monday, June 21, 2010

assalam o alaikum

i recently finished the book three cups of tea by greg mortensen on our honeymoon. i had seen this new york times best seller around quite a bit and started reading it at the recommendation of my mom. and now i am here to recommend it to all 4 of you who will see this blogpost. GO READ IT! it is an incredible true story, a thrilling story line that will keep you turning those pages and is very educational about an area of the world that has recently come to the forefront of the world stage. and to top it all off.......greg is being honored at this years provo freedom festival for the 4th of july! it could not be more perfect how do i convince beau that we NEED to spend $50 to attend the gala where he'll be honored??