Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i have absolutely loved this season of so you think you can dance on fox. i have always had a love and appreciation for dance even if i haven't had the feet and this show gives me just what i need each week. each wednesday night just past 9 i can be found dancing around my kitchen or bedroom wishing my mom wouldn't have let me quit dance lessons despite my tantrums and also wishing i was good enough to be on sytycd. these dances are a must see and can be found if not on the internet then saved on the dvr at my house (call me):

janine and phillip: hip/hop "mad" ne-yo

kayla and kupono: waltz "sweet dreams" jewel

ashley and kupono: crash test dummies

janette and brandon: wade robison jazz "ruby blue"

kayla and kupono: contemporary "gravity" sarah bareilles

(couldn't find a better picture but how could you forget the dance)

janine and jason: contemporary "if it kills me" jason mraz

janette and brandon: argentine tango

melissa and ade: contemporary "this womans work"
(no pics yet sorry)

your favorites?

p.s. ellen is hularious (duh)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a hidden passion

although i am far from being married or even engaged i have recently developed a hidden passion for all things to do with weddings. my job right now has slowed down and given me time to explore the online wedding world. although most things i love cost far more then i would ever spend on a wedding a girl can dream. so far these are some of my favorites:


themes and decorations: carnival, parisols,

color schemes: yellow, orange and white; midnight blue, ivory and teal, coral pink and white; tiffany blue black and white; red and aqua

flowers: peonies, poppies, ranunculus, craspedia pom poms,

Monday, July 20, 2009

first of the first

i have decided to make a blog. after blindly making my way around the blogosphere i figured out how to make my background and banner look how i wanted and chances are i'll probably change it pretty soon. as of right now no one knows that this little page exists but soon i know it's url will span the globe. the primary reason for creating this page is to update friends and family on my up and coming semester in jerusalem. in one month i'll bein the holy land tearin it up...stay tuned for updates. ...mazel tov.