Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Potty Training

Potty Training...The first part of parenting that I have been truly terrified and unprepared for. I was in no hurry to potty train Tennyson because I didn't mind changing two sets of diapers but right after he turned 3 I knew it was time. He was finally verbal enough. So we made a chart of things he would like for his prizes and went to work. We got lots of juice and stayed home for a few days. Surprisingly since day 1 of potty training he has only had 3 #1 accidents. He caught on so fast and really hasn't skipped a beat. Pooping on the other had was terrible! He would wait till nap time and then let the biggest poops in his underwear. I was dying. It was so disgusting and I was throwing out so much underwear. At some point it clicked and he was able to do it. He had a few accidents after but was pretty much home free. 

Prize #1 Donut with dad. Yes he let him ride home in the front seat the 1/2 mile home... oh geez.

 Prize #2 Lightening mcqueen slippers. He LOVES them.

Had to document the first legit poop in the potty.

Prize #3- movie date with mom. Which proved to be more expensive than anticipated.

Overall it wasn't too terrible but terrible all at the same time. Our bathroom now perpetually smells like urine no matter how much I scrub and Christian now begs to go potty but overall I guess I'm glad we bit the bullet. Way to go Tennyson!

Friday, February 26, 2016

January 2016

Getting back early from winter break was kind of nice. We got some time to ourselves to settle in and be together as a family. The weather was not too bad and we packed some good stuff in. 

I had to include this one. The best food we've had in a while. Too bad I didn't take a before picture. 

Nightly snowy walks. 

City boys on their way to Paramount for breakfast

Wednesday nights at the MFA are free and we like to take advantage.

This boys cheese face is killing me these days. So cute. He lives for adventures on the train with daddy. 

Pardon the crotch shot but I think it's clear who the favorite parent is these days. 

Christian insists to lay in bed to read and sing with us at night. It is the only time this walking whirlwind sits still surprisingly and it is the sweetest thing.

Christian could eat a box of blueberries every 2 days. He is a machine with these things. 

Museum of science fun with our friends.

Watching the snow fall.

We went to go see The Good Dinosaur with daddy after a long week away on business. I love being reunited.

Remembered Marjorie on the anniversary of her death.

Entertainment at church

Brothers. Oh and we finally took the bottle away. My baby is officially a toddler.

Fun outings to the Library and of course sweet green across the street.

He requested to wear this bow tie to church and it made me giggle every time. 

Bedtime play

Potty training Tennyson deserves it's own post. I can already say that so far it's my least favorite part of being a mother. 

Morning runs

Barnard Goodridge - Died of pneumonia at age 27.

I recently discovered that a few of my genealogy lines end up here in Massachusetts. One up on the North shore in Newbury and the other out west near Worcester. We decided on a free friday to go explore some of their graves.  It was quite an adventure trying to find these graves and I was having to get a bit scrappy with lots of phone calls, flipping through cemetery maps. There was one in particular that I really wanted to see because he died in the revolutionary war - Ezekiel Goodridge. After a few bumps trying to get information and find it, it didn't look promising. Almost like a needle in a haystack.  As I prayed to find Ezekials grave among a rather large cemetery I felt almost as if his spirit took my hand and led me right to it. I saw it from a ways off and I knew immediately it was his grave. Tears filled my eyes as I ran over there and saw the name Goodridge appear. He left a wife and 7 children 3 of which who died a little before and after he did. His poor wife Molly. It hit me how much she must have suffered and I wondered what the rest of her life looked like without him. The spirit of Elijah was strong for me and I felt the fire of family history and saving our dead grow a bit bigger. Since then I have spent a lot of time on family search and ancestry. com and surprisingly found some names that needed to be done. I can't wait to go to the temple and do them.

Tennysons first day of sunbeams.

Post church silly faces. Good one Christian!

He demanded to wear this hat and wear it backwards. So not like him.

Christian got into a lip balm I JUST got at a gift exchange. I tried hard not to be mad and laugh but really- How do they always seem to find the stuff you love?

Dreams come true!

Beau turns 30

The man of the house had his 30th birthday on January 23rd and despite his best efforts to elude celebrations, I made sure he had a good time. On the 22nd we invited close friends to dinner at a favorite local spot. I found pictures of almost every birthday he has had up to his senior year in high school, made copies and placed them all over the table. Then we played grilled Beau with 30 questions on his 30th birthday. I had printed out a paper for everyone with 30 fairly leading questions and everyone picked one to ask him. It was hilarious hearing his answers and having to confess to some of his colorful past. I brought his favorite Georgetown cupcakes for dessert and we just had a really great time.  

The next day on his actually birthday was a big storm. After breakfast in bed we decided to try legoland discovery center. It ended up being really really fun for all of us and I would totally get a pass if we were staying past may.

That night after the kids were in bed we got someone to watch our monitor and went out for a winter wonderland walk in the snow and some  hot chocolate. It was a great way to end this guys 30th birthday. I can't believe we are creepin into our 30's but he is aging really well in my opinion :) So much love for my birthday boy and our life we share together!

Beaus mom gave him this wagon for his present. The kids LOVE it.