Thursday, May 31, 2018

Christian Turns 4

Our little "Fishy" turned 4 on May 22nd and was so happy through his special day. I'm not going to lie this 3-4 birthday feels like a big one and I found myself getting emotional at the thought of my little fish growing up. He was such a cute 3 year old how could 4 top it? Doesn't it just mean that he's maturing out of all of the cute mannerisms and mispronunciations I love about him so much?

He was supposed to wake up to balloons covering the floor of his room but instead climbed out of bed in the middle of the night and somehow made his way in between Beau and I.  We got up, sang happy birthday and had breakfast. Then it was off to preschool for the birthday boy.
Tennyson has been pouring his own cereal now milk and all! It's amazing how he seems to figure things out and Christian really resists having to figure anything out. These two boys couldn't be more different. 

After preschool which he insisted on wearing his crown to, we drove to the grocery store where he got to pick out any cereal he wanted. He pulled cocoa puffs off the shelf immediately! Afterwards we came home and had naps and quiet time. I'm amazed that even on the days when I don't make the two older boys go into their room for quiet time that they naturally do and almost subconsciously need that time of play and rest.

Fishy's dinner request was Zareens our local Pakistani restaurant and a Jewkes family favorite and we came home to open presents and blow out candles. The fast favorite were the die cast southwest and delta airplanes I got for him. I finally had to take them away because there was so much fighting over them, including Wes! It was Christians day of yes and we did everything he requested for his happy birthday!

Fishy you are such a loving and forgiving "petite Christmas treat". You're favorite color is red, you want to be a diver when you grow up (somehow that one has stuck), you are finally able to get yourself mostly dressed in the morning, you have an intense love for all things sweet, you are quick to cry and quick to forgive (sometimes flipping moods in seconds), you love to be crazy and wrestle and you aren't afraid of talking to strangers. 

You have taught me so much about what it means to love life. You're excitement at spotting the box that controls spotlights or playing deadman on the trampoline is contagious and lightens my mood. You have taught me what it means to be patient with a toddler who cries at EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. You are such a big spirit in the most petite tiny body and it is so evident. You love playing basketball with Dad and your brothers. You are always Michael Jordan and like to shoot from downtown. The other day at costco when Dad offered you a bite of his combo pizza you were about to take a bite, quickly looked down and exclaimed "I don't like the tires!" (meaning the olives). You have recently discovered that boogers can be edible and I am doing all I can to squash that habit ASAP. You still worship everything Tennyson does and follow his lead on most things. I find you all the time with some sort of stick or wand dancing around pretending to be the Greatest Showman. When we go to the airport you love to spot all the different airline companies (mom there's Alaska! and there's an American plane! oh mom look Delta!) and have everyone in the terminal chuckling because each one is the most exciting thing you've ever discovered. I love you little fish! I love the smell of your breath and the freckles on your nose and how angelic you look when you're sleeping. I love you're tiny frame and the scars on your tummy and how you already have your Daddy's bubble bum that I want to squish all day long. Our life is so much more exciting and loving with you in it!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring Break 2018

We were the lucky ducks that got to spend our spring break week with the Jewkes Family in Florida! Although it was quite the trek for us we made it without anything too major. Having broken my ankle just 3 days before we were supposed to leave combined with a crazy work schedule for Beau, we were really second guessing whether or not it made sense to go at all. I definitely couldn't be single moming it at the beach with a broken ankle. Thankfully amazing Claire was able to find an extra young woman from her ward that she drove down with her crew to be my helper. His work schedule ended up being even worse than I thought. He literally made it out the beach twice and was in our room at a desk the rest of the time. I felt bad for myself but worse for him that this vacation that had been planned for so long and was a favorite of his was totally shot for him. He was able to participate in a few of the game nights in the evenings but other than that I hardly talked to him the whole week.

We were on a 5:15 am flight with 3 kids which meant that we basically didn't sleep the night before getting ready and slept a little on the first leg of our journey. Wes is hands down my worse flier so far. He is absolutely horrid on airplanes and I can't figure out why because he's my favorite person the rest of the time. After a flight with him though, I don't want him anywhere near me. I hobbled around in my boot throughout our day of travel and was relieved to get it off at the end of the day. That thing really starts to get heavy after a full day on your feet.

 It's hard to tell but the lady next to me was literally laying on me.

Layover in Dallas

Finding one of the Golden Eggs at our easter egg hunt!

There was a talent show were Tenny told jokes and Christian did a summer salt. 

I love when Christian pushes me away from his face in pictures...

Poppy and I spent quite a bit of time making "icky boo hoo" castles with the littles. I found it quite therapeutic to sit there and drip sand to create these fun towers. Tenny loved refilling our buckets with watery sand and even did some dripping himself. Because we brought a few Young Women we had babysitters and could go out to dinner a few nights as adults which was fun and unique. These were some of the few times I interacted with Beau. We also got to watch conference, celebrate Poppy's 70th birthday, played a lot of fun games at night and threw in some "intense" discussions here and there. I love these kinds of vacations because the boys just disappear with their cousins and other than making sure they aren't kidnapped or drowned I only really saw them at meal time and bed time. Christian liked to go down to Grandma Becky and Poppy's bed in the morning to snuggle and Wes LOVED getting in the water. Tenny preferred digging in the sand to getting wet and Christian just wandered around. We saw lots of dolphins, jelly fish and even a guy catching sharks! We checked out the next saturday and spent a rainy day around Panama City waiting for our flight to leave. We went and saw a movie, tried to find a park, got lunch and tried to keep busy. We got back super late on saturday after another full day of travel with sand in our ears and pink cheeks from a superb week at the beach!

Monday, April 2, 2018

The Last week of March

March was a good month to us and we finished it off with a bang. In my determination to create things and work with my hands, I have been tending to the maintenance that our yard requires push mower and all. Although I can't figure out how to turn the sprinklers on which will probably become a problem very soon with this summer heat creeping in. Wes loves to help and goes around to the different flowering weeds, picks a flower and tries to put it in his year (Something he picked up forever ago which I think is darling). 

We had our ward Easter egg hunt and a friend from the YMCA Ashlynn joined us. As a member of the elders quorum presidency Beau had to go early to help cook the food so it was nice to have some help while we were there. It was a blustery/rainy morning which was a bummer but didn't really start raining till the Egg hunt was underway  so everyone got to eat their breakfast and stay dry.  With all the egg hunts there are each year, I'm hesitant to even get them an easter basket!

 Going back to our yard work, I built a garden! I am so excited about it and basically youtubed everything from soil to plants to location to garden bed. It took a morning at home depot to get everything and only one other trip back a few days later. I even got the stuff to build a cage around my goods to protect from the little rodents. I'm excited to see where this little adventure ends up. I've already lost my cilantro to bolting in the heat which was disappointing seeing as I use that herb in so much of my cooking. But the other stuff seems to be thriving.

Some silly high knees in a stretch room by myself at the YMCA had me at  the urgent care with an avulsion fracture and a boot. I heard the snap when I fell and knew that the pain was much more severe than other sprains I've had on that foot and that it was probably worst. I immediately called Beau to come and help me get the kids- I wasn't sure I could even stand up alone. He came to my rescue like the knight in shining armor that he is and insisted we go to the urgent care to rule out anything that's actually wrong. I was so annoyed an depressed that I was going to have to put my life on  hold for 4-6 weeks while it healed. I have made a much better recovery than I anticipated. I think the break was in a weird spot and it's not easy to put pressure and weight on that particular part of the ankle. 

Fun Times rolling down the hills at the Stanford Fountains with Tenley and Banks Bennion.