Sunday, February 25, 2018

Another Fun Jewkes Week

This  week was short! We had monday off for presidents day and spent it in Carmel and the saturday before was amazing weather that warranted painting our house and a park day with balls. 

17 mile drive had me car sick but was beautiful! We drove down to carmel, got lunch and a treat and drove around. It was sooo windy, it was hard to do anything outside and not get blown to pieces. 

Wes is full blown in toddler destroyer mode. I am constantly catching him digging in the toilet, unravelling toilet paper, dumping out cereal to eat it, climbing on the kitchen table to eat whatever food is on there or play with my center piece. He has also learned how to express his anger in a way other than crying. He will hit or smack when he's mad and scream bloody murder at his brothers when they have something he wants. The dynamics have definitely changed and we're all trying to navigate prince Wes and his demands. I can't help spoiling him cause he's so stinking cute but I'm starting to see the fruits of that.  He is also CONSTANTLY begging for food. In true boy fashion he seems to be a bottomless pit and nothing I do satisfies him. We had some friends over and when I explained at the beginning they chuckled and later said "you aren't kidding! he never stops!" It's especially bad when I'm trying to cook. 

The next weekend we left friday morning and drove up to Tahoe. This was our first time there and we had a great time. Beau's work pays for part of a ski trip every year and we decided to go this year! The day before Josh and Dagmar got into town for a weekend get away and we spent the afternoon with them around Palo Alto hiking the dish and walking around Stanford. Back to Tahoe. We got to the house around 1 and the boys wanted to go out in the snow immediately. While Beau we worked we explored and went down to the beach. That area is so beautiful and majestic. I see now why people are obsessed. The boys loved finding icicles and trying to throw snowballs at each other. When everyone else got there we chatted and got dinner. We are lucky to have such easy going people to do company retreats with! 

The next morning we drove to the ski resort and took Tenny skiing. Because we had Wes only one of us could ski at a time so we only rented one set of kids skis and I was the lucky duck who got to go down the mountain with Tenny. We skiid for a few hours but the wind was starting to get to him. He loved it though and was a natural. I wish we could go more, I love teaching my kids new things! 
By the time we finished Wes had fallen asleep in the car and Christian was not interested in going so we called it a day! We went home and had hot chocolate, played pool and got in the hot tub. We also played battle ship as a family which of course Beau won. Tennyson LOVED playing though and blowing up other peoples stuff. 

Boston in January

After the IVF debacle in December we decided to move forward with another fresh cycle at the end of January. A quick turn around but it would be our best bet for getting things done the soonest. I dropped the boys off with a friend and Wes and I hopped in an uber to the airport for 17 long days. 

Wes did terrible on the flight and I happened to be sitting on the aisle next to a rather large young man who was not at all amused with the prospect of sitting next to an angry toddler baby. It was one of the longest 5 hour stretches of my life. 
We got in late and the next morning woke up to snow! It was so beautiful and we played with Teddy in it and even went to harvard square to poke around and grab some lunch. 

Harold and Wes became cute little buddies with the same squawks and giggles. It's kind of wild having two babies exactly the same age to observe (even though Wes is almost a head taller than Harold). With chilly weather and wanting to take it easy I tried my hand at different indoor activities. One of them being baking. I made bread which didn't turn out amazing, sugar cookies, cakes, muffins. It was so great to not have a schedule to keep and do some of the things I've been wanting to try for a while. 

Pictures from preschool back in palo alto. 

These boys were constantly taking snacks and drinks from each other and CONSTANTLY begging for food. By the end I think both Mary and I were going to pull our hair out. Twins would be no joke.

A trip to the museum of science was a fun treat and a trip to boston would not be complete without running into Chelsie Troxel. She lives in Nashua now and graciously had us over to her home a few days later where we ooed and awed over her home schooling life. It truly was amazing. 

Grandma Becky holding down the fort back at home with her incredible pancakes and syrup.

Halfway through our stay we got to meet up with Beau on a recruiting event at Harvard. It was short but a sweet 12 hours together roaming around boston at Paramount Cafe, back bay and of course HBS. 

The cutest children's museum up on the north shore. 

Wes' first haricut. 

Post retrival

A wagon ride around Belmont with Mary. These 3 boys were a hoot.

I took a last minute road trip down to NYC to see the Croft's family. Wes and I hopped in our rental car and were there a little over 3 hours later most of which Wes slept. It went really well. I just happened to land there the same evening they were having the Davis' over for sunday dinner which was a real treat! Wes and I had fun romping around NYC together and seeing our friends Molly and Madison and hanging out at the natural history museum.

After New York I did some last minute Boston treats like Primark and the temple before heading home post transfer. It was a long trip that went by fast and I couldn't have asked for a better hostess. Mary was so gracious having someone in her space for that long and being generous with her babysitting.

More on the baby making journey later. Spoiler- It didn't go as we'd hoped for.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

This week

Coming back home after over 2 weeks in Boston was so wonderful. It helped that the weather here was AMAZING too. Mid to high 70's every day made me feel happy to not be in the frozen tundra of Boston (as much as I do love it there). I got back super late on thursday which was lucky because I had the chance to catch my breath with a weekend ahead of me. That sunday we had some friends over to watch the super bowl and I made my traditional pomegranate pork tacos. So yum! 

Monday it was back at life. Getting things done, selling stuff we don't need anymore on FB or Craigslist feels like a full time job these days. It was back to the gym and back to playing with my boys. With the amazing weather we stayed at the park till 5 and had picnics in our back yard! It all felt so amazing! It all brought an added dose of gratitude for my "extraordinary ordinary life". 

Tennysons homemade train track he called it a "bone" and I had to document.

We visited the skate park for the first time this week and Tennyson especially is obsessed. Like can't get enough of it. He's not super daring but he can drop in and do enough to get a rush from it. Christian spent most of the time in tears and screaming at me that he couldn't do it. And poor Wes has to be strapped in his stroller the whole time otherwise he would go right off the edge I'm sure. 

 Christian is our "greatest showman" he is 100% all in all obsessed with the soundtrack. He will lay on the counter next to our speaker with his greatest showman top hat and listen to the soundtrack start to finish singing every word. He also loves to add hat tricks to his karaoke. He begs to listen to it every day and although I am pretty done with those show tunes I can't help swooning over his enthusiasm for it all. Like I've said before he is a kid of extremes and he is EXTREMELY into the greatest showman.

Tuesday was our pediatrician day. I took all three boys for their check ups and shots so it was a marathon appointment. I accidentally left the house in my slippers and didn't even realize till I sat down in the office. During Tennyson's physical I forgot to mention that the Dr would be feeling EVERYWHERE and when he got down to his "privates" Tenny froze and looked at me with the most mortified look on his face. It caught me so off guard and I busted up laughing. Like I could not stop which I felt bad about but it was just too funny. Our pediatrician is amazing and did the explaining that I couldn't because I could not get my giggles under control. Each boy got 4-5 shots! There were a lot of tears and owies and Christian in particular could not seem to pull it together. I promised them ice cream afterwards which worked out nicely because it was free frozen yogurt day at Yogurtland! It wasn't until we were actually in the store with a cup in  hand that Christian stopped crying. 


We finished up our week with a beach day in half moon bay. It was so heavenly. The second we could see the sand and waves Wes was freaking out. He could not get over the waves and the second I put him down he ran straight for them. The only way I could get a rest was by strapping him in the stroller so he had to stay next to me. The boys had so much fun playing with friends, making castles and being mischievous of course. We could have stayed there all day. The only mishap was when I peed my pants getting everything loaded into the car on our way home. My pelvic floor muscles aren't what they used to be and situations where I used to be able to hold it I have no control! I'm starting to feel like my mom! 

Sunday morning Beau and I were being lazy in bed and all the sudden Wes walks in with something all over his face! He had found the brown sugar and gone to town it was so funny.

Sunday was also stake conference and we went for the first hour then opted out the second hour to go on a family hike. At first we had a couple busts because it was too cold and windy but then we happened upon the perfect little trail we had all to ourselves up above Portola Valley. The boys and I pretended we were race cars. I was Max Schnell, Fishy was Jeff Gorvette and Tenny was Lightening Mcqueen. We ran up and down most of the trail stopping only for fuel. Wes walked most of the way too and was loving it. It's amazing how much he feeds off of his brothers energy. He is always copying the noises they make, laughing when they laugh, hitting when they hit and playing the way they play. Brothers make the best playmates.