Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fairview Farm for the Holidays

We went to Atlanta this year for the first time in our marriage! We've spent quite a few Christmases with the Jewkes side but have never been to Atlanta. Jacob and the Bells joined the fun and it was a blast. Lots of time on the Golf Cart (pictures to come) lots of time with cousins and lots of great food. The minute we left the airport Gary and Becky took us to some goooood southern bbq. 

A few days before Christmas we went to the Atlanta motor speedway to see their light extravaganza. Tennyson was in a trance looking at everything and figuring out that this is where "lightening" lives.

Christmas eve we had a a great devotional with the whole crew and were excited for Christmas morning.

My most exciting Christmas gift was finding this amazing Christmas nightgown for 20$ at TJ MAXX.

Christian was IN LOVE with Ranger the dog. He begged to go see him all times of the day would pull on him, roll around with him, snuggle with him. I was trying not to care about the fact that he is very much an outdoor country dog that is rarely groomed.

Finding a turtle on the side of the road

We drove 45 minute south to Callaway Gardens to see the light extravaganza which definitely was worth the drive. It was incredible! We rented bikes, some of us did ziplining, and lots of nature walks.

The boys LOVE poppy!

I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of the boys actually in the dentist chair but both boys went to the dentist for the first time. Tennyson was a champ and let them clean his teeth and look at them for cavities.

We had soooo much rain while we were here. But at least it was warm and we made good fun out of it. I love being in a place where my boys can run around and get dirty and that it is so different from where we live. Gary and Becky were the best hosts and we can't wait to go back as always.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Boston Christmas 2015

I am torn every year on the Christmas season being too busy and trying to soak up every opportunity we have to make memories and have fun. This hear was busy busy busy. Like most other things, it being our last year, I didn't want to miss one thing and even included some new items to my list of Christmas to see, or do. Here is a recap of our fun in Boston.

Deans house tree lighting and all of the Dads singing carols with the kids. So cute!

The day after thanksgiving we went to New Hampshire to a tree farm and picked out our  Christmas tree. We made a night out of it with hot chocolate, roasted marshmallows and had a tractor ride around the farm.

First time being Daddy's home teaching companion

Finally got to the Christian science center Mapparium. So beautiful!

Wreath making fun

Symphony hall with my hot date

Welcoming the Common Christmas tree from Nova Scotia is one of the many things Boston does that makes me obsessed with this place.

Jr. Holidazzle Santa had me crushing this year!

Enchanted Village at Jordans with our Boston 1st peeps

A last minute trip to NYC was so much fun. Jane and Brady were so gracious in hosting us and I fulfilled my dream of seeing the city at Christmas time. 

 Mary and I made the drive out to Old Sturbridge Village for their Christmas celebrations. It was so much fun. They had the cutest Santa I've ever encountered and we entered each house with a gasp and would look at each other like "is this place for real?" it just kept getting better and better with each cottage. I felt like we had stepped into a Christmas Carol

Christmas Pajama party with Friends

Longfellows wayside inn for a Christmas dinner with friends

 A tour of Longfellow House all decorated for Christmas with Mary.