Monday, October 5, 2015

Back to School!

If I'm being totally honest I was dreading coming back to school for the fall. The weight of everything that had to be done for Crimson Parents was weighing on my shoulders and I just kind of wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Isn't that what we feel like when we're being stretched? But, we did indeed come back and it has been an amazing year so far. It has been a privilege to serve the parent community at HBS and I have been so blessed by the people I've gotten to know through it.  

 Welcome Breakfast

Tennyson can't get enough of his easy access to construction  zones.

 Swan Boats Field Trip

We are happy to be back to where we can ride a bus for free anytime we want just to kill time! Fun right?

 Last minute trip to Walden with some great ladies!

 Our fall retreat was a smashing success thanks to the two ladies standing next to me. Anne is an incredible hostess and CP is so lucky to have her guiding hand and generous personality!

Training for a marathon this fall has not helped in the "limited time" department but the beautiful runs I've been on have made up for some of the stress it's caused. I love running in the fall around Boston. It's almost the perfect trifecta.

 LDSSA opening social

Beau went to the America vs Brazil soccer game with his section. USA got smoked!

Artesani with the ladies

Club fair! Again Anne has talents coming out of her ears and volunteered to do some face painting at the event! I love that little boy.

 Tennyson and Stephen

 We are so happy to be back to our familiar routes on campus. Who can beat HBS campus as your backyard?

 Music time is finally starting to click for this little one. He usually runs around the entire time and refuses to sing even though he knows many of the songs. Just the last few times he has engaged, sung and participated in all of the activities during singing class. It makes my mommy heart pitter patter!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Jewkes Reunion 2015

We came back from our Israel adventure and hit the ground running with the Jewkes clan. It was so fun to be reunited with so many cousins and see how loved Tennyson and Christian was by all of them. Especially Hayden. We went down to Fort Mchenry in Baltimore  this is where the star spangled banner was written. It was a great place for the kids to run around. 

The Sedgwicks property was enough to keep everyone entertained for a while. I didn't document the zipline but Dave and Jess had installed a pretty awesome zipline that we all got to try out. Jason gave tractor rides, there were bikes and scooters for the kids to zip around on and a basketball hoop that was in almost constant use.

slip n slide battles

Snuggling with Tennyson I realized that he had gotten his first few freckles. My heart about burst with love and sadness that he was growing out of his baby stage. We counted all of his angel kisses.

One of my favorite parts of coming to Maryland is the Dutch Amish Market. This is the most heavenly ham and cheese sandwhich you will ever have and is usually adorned with anamazing BBQ sauce to boot. I always get one of these while Beau always get's a melt in your mouth pretzel. 

The family talent show was a fun night. Our family sang "i love to see the temple" Such a hit :)

One of the rainy days we had there we headed down to the air and space museum near the dolace airport. Of course Tennyson was in heaven. I loved seeing his face light up and all of the "ooo"s he would say at every new plane. He is a boy in love with all things machine that's for sure. On the way back we stopped at the DC temple and ran around the visitors center. I love how much this little one loves the temple as well. He asks for "temple song" or "marjorie song" almost every night multiple times a night while we're going to bed. Every steeple is tall pointy thing is a temple to him. It's the best.

Seth and Julie took of to NYC for a few days and we watched Ezra and Mable for them. Ezra was so sweet and obedient- he made Tennyson look like a terror! We made a bold choice and decided to drive to Gettysburg with the two of them and Christian. I really wanted to see the battle field and learn about what happened there. Given we had three babies with us it turned it pretty well. We got out at a few of the stops including Picketts charge and the cemetary and let them run around. We read about it on our wikipedia apps and then promised ice cream for the drive home which we definitely delivered on.

These boys love their daddy that's for sure.

Other activities included a girls lunch, a family 5 mile run, lots of chatting, swimming at the Residence inn pool and world cafe's. We miss all of the Jewkes already!

Monday, July 6, 2015

HBS Israel Trek

Israel Trek. What an experience! Beau and I decided to go last minute on a trip planned by fellow Israeli HBS students. We are really taking this "once in a lifetime" thing to heart. I was really nervous about leaving the boys - as expected but it is always fun spending some good one on one time with the hubby. After Beau's last final we loaded he boys in the car and zoomed down to Baltimore getting in late at night. The next day I was running around getting last minute stuff ready for the trip and getting supplies for our boys at the Sedgwicks. Julie was flying in that night to watch our boys at Jessicas house. I know complicated. I tried to keep my wardrobe simple and essential but it turns out every other girl on the trek brought giant suitcases filled with endless "night out" ensembles... I'm so glad I'm not single anymore. 

We got there the day before the trek began and stayed in a little hotel just outside the back gate to the Jerusalem center. As we were driving up to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv late the night before, I had butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't believe I was finally coming back to the place that I had dreamed and talked about so much. Spending a semester over there in college was truy life changing. After we went to church there we spent the day walking around all over the old city. We started in Gethsemane, hit up the garden tomb and then Caiaphas' Palace. It was a hot and sticky day but I loved every minute. Showing Beau around to all of the places that were engrained into me was such a treat.

My favorite falafel followed by my favorite dessert in the old city. Kenafe. It tasted just how I remembered it :)

That evening we joined the group for a dinner and the next day started a tour of the Old city. It was fun going through but we repeated a lot of the stuff we had done the day before

One of our days in Jerusalem we went to Yad Vashem- Israels Holocaust museum. I had been here before but it was still very moving to come again and then talk to the Jewish members of the group and their perspective on what happened including personal relatives who were affected. They also organized a Testimony of a holocaust survivor that was pretty incredible. She was adopted by an american family after she was freed from the concentration camp as an orphan so her english was perfect.  All I could think about the whole time was her mother and how she was watching over her the whole time through all she went through. 

We spent a few days in Tel Aviv at the most amazing hotel and pool. Oh and have I mentioned how amazing the food was? Every single meal we ate was out of this world amazing. I was in heaven! All of the produce was so fresh and had so much more flavor.

We celebrated our anniversary there which was fabulous. Couldn't have been a more perfect day.

After listening to business professionals in Tel Aviv and getting some serious beach time we headed to the dead sea. It was such a blast hanging out in the water and doing the mud bath. We toured masada and had a rave in the desert. The rave was probably the highlight of the trip for me. It was unlike anything I've ever done before and I could have danced all night long!

The next morning we hopped on the bus bright and early and headed up to the Galilee which is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Being very agricultural the are is so lush and green with mountains all around it. We started in Capernaum and then headed to the Golan Heights. After that we had a seafood dinner and a karaoke night complete with exfoliating fishies.

Our second day in Galilee we rafted the Jordan river. Had it not been for the crazy water fights and raft tak overs it would have been a very calm experience. However my raft was taken over by one of the Israelis and he had no mercy on us. I was thrown out multiple times and sustained a couple of scrapes and bruises. After our rafting we went to the church of the annunication in Nazareth and then to Ceasarea Maritime. A few of us went to the beach there and then of course had the most amazing dinner right on the water. It was a magical night.

Our last day we spend in Tel Aviv listening to a man from the Israeli government who has been a negotiator with the Palestinians for many years. He didn't go into details but talked about meetings with high ranking officials in various governments and the art of negotiating. I learned a lot from him and my perspective on what it means to negotiate was really changed. We then got our suits on and headed to Mor's house for a pool party. I am so grateful for the relationships that I strengthened on this trip and the people I got to know. It helped me realize that despite their love of drinking and partying, the people at HBS really are remarkable and have such interesting and unique perspectives on life  and the world.