Thursday, April 3, 2014

a mothers heart

this past year has been one of growth and pain. there are days when i have thought to myself that my life could not get any better or be filled with more blessings and there have been days when i have felt like my whole world was falling apart. God has become very familiar with my pattern of one day being on my knees in tears shaking my fists at Him and the next thanking him through tears of joy for all of the happiness i feel.

if falling in love makes you vulnerable, than having children is agreeing to your heart being a helpless punching bag to all that it brings. to say motherhood is an emotional roller coaster is an understatement. it takes me back to a quote that hung across the hall from my bedroom door growing up.

"Making the decision to have a to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." ~Elizabeth Stone

even everything surrounding having a child- getting pregnant, pregnancy, delivery, nursing etc.- has the ability to bring a mother to the end of her emotional rope and usually does. but sooner or later, the miraculous euphoric moments (even if few and far between) bring you back to the surface again. they renew your energy for motherhood and life and give you hope for the future.

the new little guy coming to our family has already brought us so much joy and worry and pain and tears. anticipating the summer ahead sends my head spinning into oblivion with all that will or could happen and if i let myself i start to unravel (cue fist shaking).  but then i have the funnest game of hide and seek with Tennyson or feel a little love tap from mr. babe inutero and my heart soars.

i am so grateful for these tender mercies from God and the Holy Ghost witnesses to me that that is exactly what they are- tender mercies. they are God's way of communicating to me that he's watching and listening and cares deeply about my needs, wants and worries. i have gained a burning testimony of God's mercy for His children, especially His distressed mothers.

Behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance. 1 Nephi 1:20

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pregnancy documentation for documentation's sake.

I've really enjoyed looking back at belly pictures from my pregnancy with Tennyson, especially now that I'm growing a belly again. Comparing how much bigger I am this 2nd time around has been fun so this post is purely for me, hence the subpar pictures and setting.

as a side note: please pardon the unmade bed. I refuse to make my bed in the winter time seeing as I never go into that room and keep the door shut at all times to keep the cold air from coming into the living room.

18 weeks

20 weeks

23 weeks

26 weeks

a terrible terrible guilty pleasure. i took this picture to show beau just how embarrassed i was to be eating this for breakfast.

Winter Happenings

Spring feels like it's creeping around the corner and like most residents in the North Eastern front of the United States I am THRILLED! This winter has been especially hard. Being from Utah, I am used to the cold, snow, dreary nature that winter brings with it but nothings I have ever experienced holds a candle to Boston winter 2013-2014. And this is coming from someone who loves seasons and the change that each time of year brings but this was a new low. I have felt frozen to the core all winter long and found myself asking "why do I live in a place where it literally hurts my face to walk outside?" Depressing. So the few >50 degree days the weather gods have bestowed upon us have felt like heaven. I just feel happier on the days it has warmed up a bit. So here are a few things that have been keeping us occupied this winter.

1. Discovering gum

2. Paying a visit to our local primates at the zoo. The pic below is of the 3 yr old nursing. So hilarious!

3. Taking a tour of a local chocolate factory.The hairnet was a challenge- he was not pleased to say the least

4. Lots of library time


5. A trip to Kane's donuts and Marblehead for the day

6. Experimenting with hair


7. A walk through the West End to the science museum

8. A celtics  game

 9. A trip to the ice castles at Loon Mountain NH and Snowshoeing.



10. Lots and lots of keeping ourselves entertained at home


 Sick days and being bitten by my child. It drew blood!

 My perfect boot quest finally came to an end so that I could confidently step out in this kind of weather confidently.

Naked babies on the run are probably the cutest thing on the planet.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tennyson's First Birthday

My baby turned 1! OK, I wasn't as sentimental as I thought I would be about him turning a year old. Maybe it's because he STILL isn't walking and doesn't really prefer to feed himself. He's not super independent but I wouldn't call him dependent either. Anyways, we celebrated his birthday twice this year! The first time on his actual birthday while we were still vacationing down in Maryland and the second time with friends in Boston. 

Looked over on the morning of his birthday and saw him with a Trix stuck to his nose. What a great way to start out the day!

That night we made homemade pizzas, had sparkling cider, cake smash and opened presents. Just what a first birthday needs!

Wish we would have gotten a family shot but this will have to do!

 Tennyson Shares a birthday with his cousin Hannah!

Tennyson had help from his cousins to open all of his presents including the hilarious laughing sock monkey that rolls around on the floor from Grandma Becky. She gives the best presents. Then it was off off to bed for our birthday boy.

A month later we did a joint birthday party with our friend Mary who was due 2 days after Tennyson. (Even though Tennyson came a month early we count them as gestationally the same age. I didn't take a picture of the food spread but it was nothing to take note of other then the fact that I started my first kitchen fire in Madison's kitchen. So embarrassing. Tennyson scored with a 2nd cake smash!

And what would the night be without a shared bath with his future girlfriend?

Happy happy birthday Tennyson Beau! You have been so full of surprises your first year starting with your birth and we can't wait to see what a great big brother you'll make to our next little boy Jewkes coming in June!