Sunday, November 19, 2017

This Week

I had lots of good quality time with my boys this week. My patience is still a major work in progress but it did make me feel al little bit better that we only got 1 day of preschool this week as I had accidentally booked Museum of Ice cream tickets on a school day. 

 Hanging out in the race car at Home Depot. How did I not anticipate that this would end in tears?

Cute boy at swim lessons with Luey!

Wes' eyebrow right after Tennyson chucked a board book at him during Christians swim lesson. How are we expected to maintain our sanity when this is what we're dealing with???

Hanging out with Wes at the park has definitely entered a new stage. Gone are the days of being able to strap him into the stroller or carseat while I chit chatted with friends and kept my eyes on the older boys. I now have to semi-follow him around the playground and make sure he doesn't fall off a cliff or get run over by older kids. He is all smiles and giggles the whole time. I love how expressive he is and very loudly declares when he's excited about something. He loves going down slides and swinging. 

 I love sharing a room with this dude from time to time! His is the best face and spit breath to wake up to!

The museum of ice-cream was a a bit stressful and a tad bit underwhelming. The boys of course liked the ice cream samples but it wasn't nearly as interactive as color factory which the boys loved! I would have loved at least a scoop of ice cream at the end for good measure. Overpriced in my opinion but maybe that's because you need to be good at taking cute pictures.

Tennyson is growing up so fast. Each day I feel like there is something new he's picked up on and learning to incorporate into his world. Like math, or how to spell things. I taught him how to play "hot cross buns" and how to find middle c on the piano and he plays it over and over again. Trying not to regret that decision. But it makes me excited to feed his hungry little brain even more. We're almost through the first book in the Chronicles of Narnia series "The Magicians Nephew" and even though I know he's not catching most of the plot, he begs to listen to Polly and Diggory. He has also started exclusively brushing his teeth with "spicy toothpaste" he's outgrown the sweet stuff and for some reason that totally pulled at my heart strings. He is such a great helper and is happy to go grab me a diaper or something for Wes. 

On Saturday Jeremiah and the boys helped Mary Porter pack up her house in the morning and move down the road. It's so trippy she's not 3 doors down any more. Afterwards we had friends from business school, Monika and Jeff, over for a bit before they headed off to the Stanford football game. Two separate times throughout Saturday morning, Wes got out the front door and was out there for minutes before we realized he was gone! The first time he made it down to Mary Porters house! I'm waiting for CPS to be called on me. I'm a crazy lady! We got our chores done and headed out to Rancho Santantonio for a hike to Deer Hollow farm. It was 1.2 miles there which was a bit ambitious but despite a bit of complaining, the boys made it back to the car on their own two feet! Weaklings! I made some dinner when we got back, ate and then went out for a family night treat to happy donuts. Christian lost his donut within minutes of getting it for some poor behavior (pictured above) but luckily he turns the night around and was able to finish at home (fewf!) 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Another great week

Beau is currently at work which was one of our themes this week. He was up till 2 or 3 in the morning almost every night this week pushing to a deadline. Despite the long hours we had a great week. I've really been studying this last general conference and feel deep down in my soul a call to repentance and the discomfort and sanctification that come with growth. I especially was moved by Elder Bednar's talk on becoming "partakers of the divine nature" through the temple, sabbath day worship and our homes. It has made me really dig deep in those areas of my life and if I treat the sabbath day as if I am spending time at the temple. Do I set it apart as God's time in the same way I think of the Temple as being his house? 

I was thrilled to treat myself a an afternoon at the temple on Tuesday afternoon. I drove the 50 minutes there singing along to Handels Messiah and felt such a special spirit there. I prayed that I would be fortified the power upon leaving and I really felt it. On the way home I got a call from the Elders (at 4:30 PM) that they were scheduled to have dinner with us that night. Whoopsie! I rushed home and whipped up some dinner. A busy but great day. 

Wes loves to flip through books these days, it's so fun to see how interested he in the pictures and colors. Keeping the library books away from him is a challenge and has led to more than one ripped page! whoops!

Open the gates and seize the day! These boys are full blown in love with Newsies! We started with the soundtrack and then they saw the movie and were hooked. What is especially surprising is how much Christian loves it and will watch given how picky his attention span is with movies. 

 Wednesday we stopped by rhyme time after the gym and Wes was all about it. It is one of the great joys of motherhood to see your little children's personality and enthusiasm blossom. I truly cherish the little things with this one. He is so good at pointing them out.

Thursday I volunteered at Tennyson's preschool. I sat in the back corner and this time instead of asking me to participate and play with him he seemed more comfortable. He understood a lot of what his teacher was saying to him and I was truly impressed. Thursday evening was long. We waited for dinner being brought home by Daddy but a late meeting kept him, AND didn't allow him to notify me the the wouldn't be showing up until 7:00 PM! It left me feeling frustrated and scrambling to feed the boys. I was more than ready to have a girls night out for Candice's birthday. Burmese food hit the spot and was complete with free dessert and a firework. We talked the night away and were the last ones to leave the restaurant. Good for the soul!

 Debby going wild for anything resembling an animal. The other day there were a few small stone dragons in front of someones house and he stood there squawking and screaming for a minute or two so excited at his new friends.

Saturday was a block party for Mary Porter and her family who are moving in a week out of the neighborhood. Such a sad move! We are going to miss having such sweet friends so close by- but I'm so happy for them and their major housing upgrade. We bid them farewell with donuts and hot chocolate on Saturday morning.

Saturday evening the Yates drove into town just in time to grab some pizza at Terun and go through the boxes they have had in our garage since moving from Boston. It was so fun to visit with them for the evening and watch our boys pick up right where they left off. It was a quick trip with them leaving to catch a 9 am flight back to Honolulu. Flight benefits are something I strive to acquire at some point in my life. Such a fun perk of working for an airline. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

This Week

This week we celebrated Halloween and then rolled right into November (of course). I am always caught off guard with the beginning of November and the thanksgiving traditions we like to keep throughout the month. Our main one is our Thankful Tree. Tennyson reminded me of this a few weeks ago and I thought I had time to get it ready but with halloween prep dominating right up against Nov 1 I was yet again unprepared. I did recover and do some catch up for the days we lost and am excited and ready for this holiday of Gratitude.

Last Sunday was the primary program. Beau and Tennyson had to sit on the stand so that meant Christian of course demanded to go up and lost his mind when I told him he had to wait till next year.  He soon forgot about it as he got lost looking at pictures in The Living Christ book. He loves that thing. Tennyson loves to sing but sings very little when he's in front of people. I tried mouthing all of the words to him and kept telling him to sing for me but he just wasn't feeling it. Totally understandable. For his part he chose to say that he feels Jesus near when he helps daddy do the dishes. Sweet boy.

Monday was the HGGC halloween trick or treat for the kids. They do such a great job with this and are really sweet to have us up and throw a little party. The boys were champs of course and made sure they hit up every candy bowl in every office. Wes totted around being held by various coworkers. 

Monday night the amazing Greg Osborn in our bishopric had us over for FHE to teach the boys about blacksmithing. He has the whole setup in his garage and used object lessons to illustrate what the scriptures mean when they say "quench not the spirit". They were mesmerized by the heat and fire and of course all of the tools. Such a perfect activity for them. I love learning from the older families in our ward who have such knowledge and rich life experiences. I have found they have so much wisdom around life questions and I've determined to tap into their deep wells more often for sound life advice.

Tuesday morning after getting the boys ready in their halloween costumes I went to institute with Lynn. I always look forward to that spiritual feast. This semester we are studying Isaiah in the book of Mormon and I have learned so much! I headed back up the street afterwards to watch Tennyson's preschool halloween parade. It was darling and he was the last little preschooler to be called. He raced down the walk way giving me a big hug before taking his seat. I am loving all that he is picking up in his Spanish immersion school. (even if it is an arm and a leg)

The lovely Hammer family had a bunch of the young families over for a Halloween dinner before trick or treating. It was so perfect and such a fun way to spend our evening. I also appreciated that it was finally chilly enough to feel like halloween finally!

 We finished the night with trick or treating around the Hammers neighborhood and then our own for a few minutes before sitting on our front stoop to hand out candy. Tennyson LOVED being the one that the kids said trick or treat to. At one point he hid his head because he was blushing. Such a funny dude. He wouldn't let that candy bowl leave his death grip for anything.

The rest of this week we laid low. Took down our halloween decor, park hopped, cleaned, cooked. Today at church we got to hear from Elder Andersen at the end of testimony meeting and it was so fun to teach the kids about the special calling of an apostle of God and what his job is. They were pretty thrilled to meet him. Beau taught a fun lesson to  Tennys Classon the jaredite barges and faith, we had dinner with the College Terrace crew up at Amandas aunts house in Los Altos hills which was lovely. I was terrified the whole time that their two giant dogs were going to bight one of my kids faces off. (those horror stories) Not to mention that with daylight savings we now get out of church and it's dark and feels like we should go to bed. Not my favorite transition especially with little kids.

We discovered yesterday that we all have hand foot and mouth which is just grand but everyone seems to be in good spirits, no fevers and great appetites. Just sore tongues and throats. yuck. I was sad to cancel a breakfast we had scheduled with our cute Japanese neighbors who have triplets.  This week we also kicked off our IVF journey for baby number 4. And of course it is already fraught with complications and unexpected turns. Just trying to keep a cool head through it all and accept that whatever is supposed to happen will happen. Even if it is despite my best efforts to control the process and outcome.